8 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Craft Beer Label

7 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Craft Beer Label

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Craft beer is a booming industry that has taken the world by storm. It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover as more and more breweries are popping up every day, each with their unique flavors and styles. Craft beer is all about quality, taste, and creativity, and it’s an excellent alternative to mass-produced beers that lack character and depth.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of craft brews, the nice thing about this market is there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can make your brand as niche or diverse in offerings and target demographic as you choose!

If you are in the craft beer industry, you know the competition is intense and it is only increasing. As demand surges for craft beer, more and more breweries and brands are entering the market. How can you make sure your brand breaks through the clutter?

Premium custom labels and creative packaging are your answer! Before people taste your product, they’ll spot it in the aisles and hold it up. This tactile experience is your shot to capture the audience’s interest. Today, we’ll explore how you can create the best custom craft beer labels!

As your full-service label partner, we can help you every step of the way to your perfect craft beer label. Did you know that beer bottle labeling is actually one of our many specialties? We can design, print, AND apply your labels in house. Read on to find out how smart product marketing can strengthen your brand identity, distinguishing your company from the rest…and boost sales.

The Exploding Craft Beer Market: An Unquenchable Thirst

The craft beer market is booming – there is surging demand and an increasing number of brands. According to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales were 24.6% of total beer sales, amounting to $28.4 billion. The sector also exhibited a 6% dollar growth, indicating a very lucrative market.

The demand for craft beer is increasing. A Nielsen survey indicated that 45% of respondents drank craft beer weekly. While these respondents were also consuming other alcoholic beverages, their top reasons for drinking craft beer were the taste and flavor.

Why do people love craft beer?
  • Unique flavors and ingredients: Craft beer breweries often use creative and unique ingredients to give their beers distinct, interesting flavors that are unlike anything you’d find in a typical mass-produced beer.
  • Supporting local businesses: Many craft beer breweries are small, independent businesses that are deeply rooted in their local communities. By drinking their beer, people can support these local businesses and help contribute to their growth.
  • Social aspect: Craft beer has become a popular social activity, with many beer enthusiasts attending tastings, festivals, and other events. Trying new beers and discussing them with other people can be a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends.
  • Quality over quantity: Many people appreciate the fact that craft beer is typically made in smaller batches, with a focus on quality and taste rather than mass production. This can lead to a more satisfying drinking experience.
  • Health benefits: Some studies have suggested that moderate beer consumption can have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. Craft beer enthusiasts may appreciate the fact that they can enjoy their favorite beverage while potentially improving their health.

Taste, flavor and exclusivity are clearly purchase drivers! But what motivates consumers to pick your product from the shelf? It comes down to appearance, your beer’s container, custom label and packaging.

8 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Craft Beer Label

7 Expert Tips for Crafting the Perfect Craft Beer Label

Your product marketing tells a story and conveys your promises to customers. How can you make sure your business is communicating the best story upon first impression? That’s when it’s time to team up with the best custom label partner (aka M&R Label) to design the most exclusive and attractive labels to capture your audience. Here are a few ideas to get started…

1. Define Your Brand Story and Voice

There are 100s of craft beer brands in the market. For you to stand out, you need a strong brand story and voice. Branding is critical for your beer to take off as the brewery environment and the story-telling you do is more impactful for craft beer enthusiasts.

Your beer bottle label is one small part of the canvas. Your story needs to be consistent across ads, your brewery, and your packaging to draw your customers in. Think carefully about the image and personality of your beer. That should serve as the guide to what your labels will look like.

2. Define Your Target Customer

Knowing yourself is important when designing your labels. Even more important is knowing who your ideal target audience is. Your label design should tell your story such that your bullseye audience finds you amidst the crowd.

Who do you want as your customer? Beer enthusiasts or partygoers? Do they prefer the outdoors or the indoors? Knowing your audiences’ interests will guide the visuals and typography you use for your brand.

3. Choosing Colors, Label Shapes, Sizes, Typography, Style, and Imagery

When you design your labels, there are certain elements you will need to look out for. Choose colors that are symbolic and help you exhibit your brand personality. Label shapes and sizes depend on the bottle shape you’re using. You can choose any combination of labels with stickers, wrap-around labels, or bottleneck labels. The fonts you use should align with the brand personality but also need to be easy to read.

All elements including visuals should come together to create the style that you want. Choosing one style – classic or modern – ensures your labels look put together and make an impact. Learn more about lamination and finishes here!

4. Make Intentional Word Choices

Visuals are important, but so are words. Word your labels carefully, choosing words that connect with your brand’s story and identity. Information can be captivating too, when you pay attention to the words you use. Speak fluently about your flavors, origins, and ingredients to draw your consumers in.

5. Technical Components Matter

Your labels have to look good, but they also must hold up against changing environmental conditions and handling during transit and shipping. Think of all the conditions your labels will go through and choose your label finishes accordingly.

Opt for weather-proof and oil-resistant labels to ensure your labels stay clean despite handling in dirty conditions or with dirty hands. And don’t forget about selecting the right label adhesive! 

6. FDA Label Regulations

Beer bottle and can labels are subject to certain regulations under the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Following these, your labels need to have health warnings, percentage of alcohol content, and information about food colorings used or potential allergens. Overlooking these rules can land you in legal trouble later. Also be sure to follow pre-press requirements!

7. Find a Professional Label Designer and Printer

For a professional-looking custom label for your craft beer, partner with a full-service label printer like M&R Label. Never DIY product labels! Save your business from frustration, mistakes, and wasted budget by trusting experienced professionals. We design and print high-quality labels for every customer, ensuring only the best designs, label materials, and finishes.

Partner with M&R Label for All Your Bottle Labeling Needs!

Ready for a 5-star experience? If you’re looking for a custom label partner, look no further than M&R Label. We’re the leading full-service label printer in the Midwest, working businesses in every industry across the United States. With over three decades of valuable experience and incredible expertise, M&R Label is the go-to choice for large and small businesses alike!

We treat every customer with the same attentiveness and respect, every project matters – no matter the size. As an expert beer bottle labeling service, we offer professional label design and print services. Did you know we can also apply your labels for you? That’s right! With a full range of printing capabilities, we’re truly your one stop shop.

If you’re looking to print new labels or rebrand, connect with our team for unparalleled customer service and superior results. Let’s pop open a cold one and cheers to a successful collaboration together!

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