M&R Label Teams up with Riskin’s Bitters

Riskin’s Cocktail Bitters: A Recipe for Success

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For many label printing services, the process typically goes like this:

  1. You have to create a design yourself and upload it to a website.
  2. They print the design on a basic label and ship them to you.

That’s it. What’s missing between those steps? Personal consultation, industry expertise industry expertise, valuable suggestions, pre-press approval, and test prints…just to name a few!

This is not a knock on any online label printer that uses this standard process, but that is not how we operate at M&R Label. Our goal as a full-service label printer is to add value to your business. We’re passionate about maximizing your brand’s potential and elevating your sales with the perfect label solution.

How? We provide every customer with detailed feedback, based on decades of label design & print expertise. We don’t want to be a one-off label printer, give us the opportunity to be your long-term creative partner.

And that’s exactly what happened with Cocktail Bitters! Today, we share the fascinating story of how a very talented bartender (and scientist), Riskin, started his own cocktail bitters business. Learn how he got started and where M&R Label stepped in to assist with unique, eye-catching labels for his products.

A Mad Scientist in the Making

After studying biochemistry in college, Riskin found himself in the exciting, chemistry-filled world of bartending. While bartending at the Upstairs Cocktail Lounge in Boulder, Colorado, he began developing a new drink he wanted to add to the menu.

He was making exciting progress on the new cocktail and it tasted great, but it was missing something – the taste of cinnamon. That seems like it might be an easy fix, but it wasn’t. Cinnamon is most commonly sold as a powder and adding powder to his new cocktail was not ideal. Riskin wasn’t happy with the existing flavor options on the market, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He put his mad scientist goggles on and began experimenting with his own bitters recipe: “Being a bartender is like being a liquid chemist.”

A cinnamon bitter would be the perfect addition to his cocktail as it would introduce a tasty cinnamon flavor without over-sweetening the cocktail or adding powder. After countless attempts at mastering the bitters recipe, he had finally created the perfect addition for his new cocktail!

The patrons at Upstairs Cocktail Lounge absolutely loved his new signature drink, in fact it ended up being the number one seller for the season! That’s when Riskin realized there is a large (and unfulfilled) market for selling bitters. Restaurants, bars, and consumers who love to make homemade cocktails were all in need of high-quality, flavorful bitters.

Riskin said: “I realized that bitters were a really unique product, they allow a flavor addition into a drink without having to deal with volume, without having to use syrups or creating too much sweetness/acidity. You’re just adding pure flavor into a drink.”

And thus, Riskin’s Cocktail Bitters was born!

M&R label teams up with Riskin’s Cocktail Bitters

Riskin’s Cocktail Bitters Partners with M&R Label

“Before M&R Label, I didn’t really have any label designer outside of those websites where you just upload your image and they send you labels. But they didn’t give me any feedback or suggestions. It was really a one-sided process and I was missing out on the industry expertise I needed for my products.” – Riskin

When Riskin began his business, he was using a DIY label maker at home to label his bitters, just so that flavors would be identifiable. At that time, the business was still small and getting off the ground. As the company grew in scale, he began looking for a professional labeling option.

He tried a few online companies, but they didn’t workout. Riskin already had a unique logo and a pretty solid idea of what he was looking for, but wasn’t sure how to interpret that into a label. That’s where his long-time childhood friend Steve Brownstone (President of M&R Label) stepped in. Steve and Riskin have known each other since they were kids growing up in the same community. The two of them reconnected and by chance, they started talking about Riskin’s new business and his need for excellent labels.

Right away, Steve shared his label expertise and ideas for Riskin’s Cocktail Bitters.

“The M&R Label team gave me a lot of insight into the world of label design and shared great suggestions! My initial designs were not as vibrant. Having been in the industry, they were really knowledgeable about different label types, finishes, and design aspects. They gave me some really cool suggestions for how to add flair to my labels, such as the little characters like the dragon.” – Riskin
A Recipe for Bitter Success!

Thanks to this synergistic partnership between two old friends, the Riskin brand now offers 16 unique cocktail bitters with beautiful, textured labels that stand out and his customers find amusing. Every bitter has a fun, creative name. For example: Snakebite, Unicorn, Dragon, and Gremlin’s Glory.

Feeling thirsty? Riskin sells bitters via his online store and at farmers’ markets. Would you like to try his tasty creations? View the collection here!

Riskin shares more:

M&R Label is not the cheapest label printing option on the market, but their incredible level of quality and expertise makes the price well worth it. The value they provide, their openness to my ideas, all the creative solutions, and feedback was such a cool thing to be part of. The communication was great and I was impressed by the fast turnaround. I live in Colorado but they shipped the labels to me quickly and safely.
M&R Label Teams up with Riskin’s Bitters
Elevate Your Products with Custom Labels from M&R Label

Thank you, Riskin, for trusting us with your passion and growing business! We strive to provide tremendous value to businesses of any size or industry. From your free quote and an expert consultation through the creative process and project completion, we promise your expectations will be exceeded – every time.

Part of what makes us stand out from other label service providers is the personal touch and collaboration involved…it’s a very interactive process. We want your custom label design and printing project to truly feel like a partnership where both parties can bounce great ideas off of each other to produce the very best possible outcome!

As you can see, distance is not an obstacle at M&R. We fulfill orders for businesses across the country with the same level of customer service, superior design expertise, high quality custom labels and quick turnaround times.

We’re always thrilled to have the opportunity to help a new, growing business elevate their brand.

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