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A change of season, release of a new product, and celebrating holidays are all good reasons to run special promotions. Seasonal marketing is very popular in the United States because consumers love the joy of the holidays, taking advantage of limited time offers, and of course saving money with coupons. Who doesn’t like receiving free promotional items or discounts with their purchase? Give your marketing strategy a boost and increase sales with the help of custom product labels!

Technology and the use of smartphones have changed the way we shop and adapted the way businesses interact with their customers. If you are looking to bring a new product to market or advertise in a new, extremely effective way, we can print QR (Quick Response) codes and other promotional labels that help attract your target audience to your products. We offer a variety of different materials and options to help you promote your goods and services. Other examples include: Shelf talkers, coupons that accompany a product, “peel and reveal”,  removable stickers for sweepstakes, scratch n sniff adhesives, and scratch n win games.

Consumers are often overwhelmed when shopping because there are so many choices and distractions. Make sure your products fly off the shelves and into their carts by showcasing attention grabbing labels! The goal of promotional labels are to entice customers with limited time offers, special discounts, and of course special edition labels that are colorful and fun – and even interactive! Promotions will set you apart from competitive brands that aren’t offering the same deals. M&R’s superior label design, extensive digital printing capabilities, and quick turnaround are just what you need!

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