Thermal & Direct Thermal Label Printing

Thermal & Direct Thermal Label Printing Services

Does your printer use a heated ribbon to print text or images also known as a thermal transfer printer? Or does your printer not use any ribbon at all, known as direct thermal printing, which generates the image directly on the material? Either way, M&R Label can easily manufacture direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for your products!

We offer two leading thermal label printing technologies: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing. You may be wondering, what’s the difference?

  • Direct Thermal printing is designed for short-term applications. It’s lower in cost and doesn’t require ink, toner, or ribbon. But keep in mind, it only prints in black ink. Not only does this method cost less to operate, but it is environmentally friendly and easy to use!
  • Thermal Transfer printing is designed for long-term applications, requiring a high print quality. Thermal transfer printing will require a ribbon and can print in color. The main difference between these two printing methods is that transfer printing requires a ribbon, whereas direct thermal printing does not. This technology is excellent for harsh environments and can withstand extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and chemicals!

Fun fact: Controlled heat is the main component in thermal printing as heat is used to apply an image onto the label.

These methods of printing produce high-quality, crisp images within a small space. Many of our thermal transfer and direct thermal labels are used for products in industries such as food & beverage, barcodes, packaging labels, receipts, name tags, ticketing, and more! Whatever your label needs are, our team is ready to help create and produce the perfect custom label solution for your business!

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