Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Labels


There are so many factors to consider when you are finalizing the design of any top-tier product. One of these factors is the choice of labels. A good choice can give your product an edge over the competitors. Other things to consider are weatherproofing, and resistance to heat, water, or humidity are paramount, given their potential to compromise product integrity.

The last thing consumers want is to encounter defective labels with negative impacts from external conditions when shopping online or in-store. The biggest evil for labels is moisture for it impacts product quality.

Therefore, selecting the appropriate product label becomes pivotal. While you may encounter options like waterproof and water-resistant labels, understanding their nuances is crucial. We will discuss waterproof labels versus water-resistant product labels to aid your decision-making process.

Waterproof Product Labels

There is no challenge in understanding what waterproof labels are. As the name suggests, waterproof product labels completely protect against water damage.

These labels are crafted from robust adhesives and substrates, which give the labels exceptional durability, protecting the images and text from water or moisture-induced deterioration.

These labels have a unique composition that makes the products look better, and as they endure moisture, they last longer.

The Best Uses of Waterproof Product Labels

Imagine you are selling a bottle of a cold beverage that is stored in a refrigerator. In such cases, the label is exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. Waterproof labels ensure that the text and logo remain unscathed even when there is moisture.

You can preserve the product information, and ensure that the products look good.

Moreover, cosmetic packaging and household items including frozen food items will require waterproof labels as well. Your product can benefit from waterproof labels, ensuring the longevity of product logos.

Water-Resistant Product Labels

Water-resistant labels differ from waterproof labels as they offer a similar yet distinct functionality. While they protect against moisture, it’s not as complete and long-lasting as waterproof labels.

Water-resistant labels can withstand limited exposure to moisture but may lose their vitality if submerged or exposed to high-humidity conditions. Despite this, they offer defense against water and oil to a certain extent.

When to Utilize Water-Resistant Product Labels

The common applications for water-resistant labels include food jars and some toiletries, which are not exposed to moisture for long. If you have dry grocery items such as pasta, canned foods, and packs of flour, they might have water-resistant labels to avoid any small amounts of water impacting the contents.

However, if the packaging is exposed, or submerged in water, it can become loose and may even come off. To evaluate label durability, conduct an ink bleed test by moistening a cotton swab and rubbing it against the label surface. If ink bleeding occurs, it signifies inadequate protection against moisture-induced label degradation.

We recommend all manufacturers follow M&R Label’s extensive testing policy, which ensures the quality of product labels with 100% waterproofing, guaranteeing product integrity across various applications.

Similarities and Differences

While both waterproof and water-resistant labels shield against water damage, distinctions exist in their capabilities. Waterproof labels provide complete resistance, permitting products to endure prolonged exposure to moisture without compromising label integrity.

On the contrary, water-resistant labels offer commendable protection but with a slight vulnerability to excessive moisture, risking label integrity and ink bleeding.

Choosing the Ideal Label

For products demanding optimal durability, entirely waterproof labels emerge as the clear choice. Whether navigating poolside or enduring humid climates, waterproof labels ensure labels remain intact, which is vital for products like medicines, beverages, or other goods that are exposed to moisture.

The robust design safeguards consumer safety information, manufacturing details, and ingredient lists throughout the product lifespan. With several thermal printing options, waterproof labels seamlessly integrate with product aesthetics, fostering brand coherence and consumer trust.

Types of Labels

Determining whether a label is waterproof or water-resistant is just one aspect to consider, as labels serve various purposes and come in different forms depending on their intended use.

Even similar equipment may have distinct label requirements tailored to specific needs.

Let’s explore some of the most notable types:

Media Labels

Media labels are designed to be easily peeled off a sheet and applied to various types of media, including DVDs, discs, cassettes, and more.

Primarily used for organizational purposes, these labels offer an efficient method for categorizing extensive media collections, particularly useful for managing items like old home videos.

By accurately labeling each medium, users can save time in the future by quickly identifying the content contained within.

Printer Labels

Available in diverse shapes and styles, printer labels offer versatility and find applications across a wide range of uses.

One of their primary advantages is the ability to create customized labels directly from a home printer, making them ideal for individuals operating from home offices.

Additionally, printer labels can be crafted from removable label material, providing flexibility for various labeling needs, including product labeling.

Thermal Labels

Ideal for frequent shippers, thermal labels offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional ink-based labels.

Given the substantial expenses associated with ink, thermal labels present an efficient solution for businesses aiming to optimize their shipping budget.

By leveraging thermal printing technology, these labels provide a reliable and economical option for printing shipping labels and other essential information.


Understanding the distinct characteristics and applications of different types of labels allows users to select the most suitable option based on their specific requirements.

Whether organizing media collections, labeling products, or streamlining shipping processes, choosing the right type of label ensures optimal efficiency and functionality.

For premium custom waterproof labels, turn to a reliable label creator who can offer an excellent range of food and beverage containers, essential oils, and household items.

M&R Labels is the safest choice as it offers waterproof solutions featuring heat-resistant adhesives, stable inks, and laminate coating for enhanced durability.


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