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How to Label Cannabis Edibles? (Complete Guide)

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The use of cannabis edibles for medical and recreational purposes has been on the rise. As many countries have already made the consumption of cannabis legal (with strict regulations), it is essential to discuss the labeling requirements for cannabis edibles.

What are cannabis labels?

Cannabis labels are the labels specifically used on cannabis products, especially edibles. They contain information about the products, nutritional value, and the usage methods for the edible under consideration.

What are the essential things to mention on the cannabis edible?

To find the legal requirements for labeling cannabis edible, you must look for the state-specific laws. Each country and even different states have different policies for consuming, marketing, and labeling cannabis edibles. So, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the labeling requirements.

However, there are certain essential things that you must include in the cannabis labels, irrespective of the state you are in.

Nutritional facts:

Every edible, including the cannabis edibles, must mention the nutritional value that the product contains. Serving size, several servings per container, a list of ingredients, allergen information, and nutritional facts are the main thing you should include in this section.

Warning symbol:

Cannabis edibles must include the warning symbol highlighting that the product is not included in the regular edibles and must be consumed with precaution. Cancer warning symbol should also be added on the tags.

Information about the manufacturer:

All cannabis edibles also require information about the product’s manufacturer. It includes the Processor’s business/trade name and address & Processor’s OLCC license number.

Details about the products:

Apart from the nutritional information, UID number, date of production, serving size, servings per container, amount of THC & CBD per serving, ingredient statement, and product weight are the other things you should mention.

Images and Colors:

Depending upon the brand image you want to convey, you can include the colors, images, brand name, etc. The label has to be approved by the regulatory authorities before official permission is given to move forward.

Other details:

Other details regarding the cannabis edibles, including the activation time, allergen statement, medical symbol, and warnings, must also be part of the labels.

Summing Up:

Creating a label for cannabis edibles is not a difficult task, but it is essential to comply with the legal requirements to sell the product in the market. Otherwise, the authorities can ban your product and take legal action against your product or brand.

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