How to Label Cannabis Plants in Hawaii?


Hawaii was the first state in the US to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, thus providing a great scope for businesses to enter the industry. Although multiple players have already entered the industry; however, the lack of enough information about the regulations proves an entry barrier for new businesses.

Do you want to cultivate cannabis plants in Hawaii? Then this article is a must-read as it provides you with all the cannabis labeling-related information.

Applicable Law:

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) are applicable when considering the labeling of cannabis plants in the Hawaiian region.  Approved on July 6, 2015, these laws were effective from July 18th, 2015. Since then, every plant cultivator and seller has to abide by these laws.

Who needs to follow the law?

Section 11 of this HAR law highlights the individual who must follow the law: “The person who has been designated to cultivate marijuana shall have a legible identification tag, in a form and manner as determined by the department, on each marijuana plant being cultivated for the qualifying patient.”

This law applies to all caregivers and patients cultivating cannabis plants for medical use. The expiration date and 329 registration number are essential to be mentioned on the cannabis plants as part of the tagging policy.

How many cannabis plants can be tagged with a similar registration number?

You can only tag the adequate supply of cannabis plants with the same registration number. A maximum of 10 marijuana plants can be tagged with the same number.

Where can you find the tags?

You can purchase your tags or make them on your own. Following DOH guidelines are necessary for the creation of these tags.

Where to label your marijuana plant?

You can hang the tag from the bottom or around each plant.

How to create proper identification tags for your cannabis plant?

While making the identification tags for your cannabis plants, you must keep the following under consideration:

  • All the tags must be water and weather resistant
  • The writing on the label must be either in blue or black with a solid colored background
  • Your cannabis plant tags must at least be 3” long by 1/4″ wide
  • The label should be hung at the plant’s bottom from where it can be easily read
  • The tag must contain the registration number and the expiry date in legible writing. If any of the numbers on the cards doesn’t remain legible or have changed, you must replace the tag immediately, cancer warning must also be present on cannabis label.

Summing up:

Hawaii allows the production of cannabis plants for medical purposes. But you have to abide by strict regulations for labeling your cannabis plants. If any of the abovementioned tag requirements isn’t fulfilled, the authorities can remove or confiscate the marijuana plants.

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