Why does Cannabis sold in California Contain a Cancer Warning Label?

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You might have seen or heard that the cannabis sold in California contains a cancer warning label on it. Are you wondering why that is so? Particularly when you have read articles about the benefits that cannabis, especially CBD products, bring to your health.

We’ll uncover this mystery here in this article.

In California, Proposition 65 applies cannabis as well. According to this proposition, the manufacturer, seller, or reseller has to mention the cancer warning on the cannabis product label that contains chemicals from a government-issued list. There are over 900 chemicals included in the list, considering their potential to harm the consumer by exposing him or her to the risk of cancer, reproductive damage, or birth defects.

Application date:

Since January 3, 2021, companies dealing with products containing THC in any form have to provide a clear warning to the users regarding the damages that the chemicals in the product can cause to human health.

How is Proposition 65 applicable to CBD products?

CBD is known to provide multiple health benefits. As the legality of CBD products depends upon the presence of less than 0.3% of THC, so users usually consider the available legal CBD products in the market safe. However, the research studies have highlighted that there is a possibility that CBD products might also contain trace amounts of THC.

This makes it essential for the producers to warn the consumers about the presence of THC in it in addition to the safe value, which can create a negative health impact.

How can it impact the producers?

In case of non-compliance with proposition 65, the authorities can take legal actions against the manufacturer or supplier. A fine of $2,500 per day per violation can be levied. Such a high fine leads to the easy settlement of the case.

Summing up:

Cannabis in California has a cancer warning label on it because of the application of Proposition 65. It is essential to mention all the chemicals, creating a slight risk of health issues. So, even if you purchase cannabis products anywhere else, beware that it can still be a health hazard. The labels for cannabis edibles and cannabis plants also have special labeling requirements.

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