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Save Money on Custom Labels with M&R Label

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In this economy, business owners are doing everything they can to cut operation costs and save money wherever possible. The goal is to stay in business throughout the pandemic and for many years to come. These days, you can pretty much create or order anything online. The internet offers easy access to endless business services – including websites for DIY label customization and package design. While it may be fun and empowering to create and order labels yourself, it could actually be costing you more than if you worked with a label printer directly.

E-commerce label design websites make it easy for business owners to upload designs and make their own graphics for labels and stickers; however, these companies make money by overcharging for the product/amount, delivery, and other hidden fees. You may think you’re saving your business money by ordering them yourself, but it could actually be hurting your finances.

In our industry, the more labels you buy – of the same size – the cheaper they should become. The price for 400 hundred labels costs much more per label, than if you were to order 4,000 labels. So before jumping online to purchase new labels, keep this in mind. If you aren’t seeing a price discount for multiple graphics, or you aren’t able to purchase all of your labels with a reduced per each cost for higher quantities, odds are you’re definitely paying too much!

Here’s How to Save Money on Custom Labels

If you’re wondering “How can we get a budget-friendly, high quality label?”, you’ve come to the right place! M&R Label prides ourselves on offering competitive prices and fair costs. We want our customers to get the most bang for their buck. The savings can be BIG when you work with a reputable custom label printer that you can trust!

Here are a few examples of how to reduce label costs for your business:

1. Bundle all orders for custom labels with same size: If you can bundle all your custom label orders on the same size with the same material, your order is considered the same job, thus saving you the most money. The fewer label sizes you use the more money you will save!

2. Choose an optimum label size: What is considered the best sized label? The smallest size that you can use that works with your product and packaging. Smaller labels use less material and less ink, so smaller is always going to cost less. Reducing the label or sticker size allows more labels to be fitted into a single roll. If there are fewer rolls to print, there’s also less labor involved.

3. Order custom labels using more affordable material: The most cost-effective (and popular) material is white BOPP. This combined with a gloss laminate will provide you with a less expensive option without sacrificing quality. Plus this material is waterproof, oil-proof, and resistant to regular wear and tear!

4. Double check that your label information is accurate: An easy – and very preventable – way to waste money when you buy custom labels online is to make a mistake and then have to reorder the exact same labels again. That’s why we recommend working directly with a custom label printer like M&R Label so our team can proof labels before we print them!

5. Order more labels than you think you need: When it comes to ordering labels (or any product) in bulk, it’s more economical and efficient to increase the quantity whenever possible. The more labels you order, the more you will lower the unit cost!

6. If you must place a smaller order, choose digital printing: Let’s say you only need 1,000 labels for a promotional limited-time item, the most cost-effective way to print them is by utilizing a digital printer (which we offer here). Unlike flexographic printing, digital printing does not require printing plates an entails a lower setup cost. Plus, this printing method allows you to easily change out graphics and text!

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Find Out How M&R Label Will Print You Quality Custom Labels AND Save You Money…

During these challenging times, every dollar counts! Anything saved can be used as a reinvestment in your business. M&R Label is here to help your business be successful by offering superior label design services, fair pricing, quick turnaround times, and great customer service.

We often hear horror stories of customers who previously ordered labels online and realized they were unhappy with the product or were greatly overspending. When we show them our label printing capabilities, competitive prices, and an impressive final product, they are always so grateful they found us! Our expertise and resources ensure you’ll get the highest-performing label for the lowest cost.

The M&R Label team can print any unique font, vibrant color, or image you need – on any type of material, shape, or size! We highly recommend that your business utilizes our Digital Label Printing and Variable Data Label Printing services. Digital printing is an economical way for printing prime, custom, short run label orders. Variable data printing is done digitally and allows us to change information, such as text or images, from one label to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Do you need sequential numbering on your bar code or case labels? Want to add a QR code? No problem!

At M&R Label, we always make sure customers receive multiple design pricing for same sized labels. We’ll never charge you the higher per label cost just because you want to print multiple designs of the same label. If you have multiple versions of your labels and want a free quote, contact us today to learn how you’ll save your business money!

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