Chicago Restaurants are Surviving COVID-19 with Takeout & Delivery Stickers - M&R Label

Chicago Restaurants are Surviving COVID-19 with Takeout & Delivery Stickers

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought along many challenges to businesses throughout the world. COVID-19 has especially taken a toll on small businesses in the United States. In order to survive during these unpredictable times, many businesses have had to find new, creative ways to stay afloat.

These past few months have proved to be unpredictable for restaurants, specifically locations popular for their in-person appeal. Chicago restaurants are known for their ambiance, service, and of course, amazing food. Without the option of bringing customers in, many of these restaurants had to scramble to create takeout and delivery systems that align with the CDC’s guidelines, FDA’s best practices, and comply with the State of Illinois ordinances

“Consumers had been gravitating toward more takeout before the pandemic, and the health crisis has left restaurants with little choice but to get creative to replicate the restaurant experience at home.” Chicago Tribune

While outdoor and indoor dining are options in Phase 4, it is still highly encouraged that people stay home as much as possible by opting for delivery and takeout to help stop the spread of the virus. In addition to social distancing, wearing a mask, and thorough handwashing, an important component of the minimal guidelines for Chicago restaurants and bars include: Assure food is properly labeled and rotated, and all food, packaging, and chemicals are properly stored and protected from cross contamination.

Does My Restaurant Need Custom Labels for Delivery and Takeout During COVID-19?

The answer is yes! In order to provide a clean, safe environment with minimal contact, it’s important to be as organized as possible. This includes your labels. During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital to make sure you have as many details as possible included on your custom food delivery stickers and takeout labels. This leaves minimal room for error or confusion! Plus as a standard rule of thumb, if you run a business where people order takeout or delivery, providing quality, consistent packaging is a must.

“Pizza Capri, a Hyde Park-based pizzeria, has been a longtime vendor of delivery app Grubhub, and have recently started using DoorDash as well. The online ordering apps are becoming more popular than ever since restaurants were ordered by the state to close their dining rooms due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Delivery-based apps and their drivers are finding new and inventive ways to get their food orders to their customers while keeping in mind the health and safety of all parties involved during the coronavirus pandemic.” Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Restaurants are Surviving COVID-19 with Takeout & Delivery Stickers - M&R Label

What Should Restaurants Include on Takeout & Delivery Stickers?

Let’s start with the basics of your label design. Every label must have these items:

  • Business Name
  • Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Restaurant Hours
  • Website
  • Social Media Handles
  • Locations (if applicable)

Make it easier for the delivery team. Providing the customer contact info will ensure that the delivery person is grabbing the correct order and bringing it to the right place!

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone Number

Details matter! Take the consumer experience up a notch by including order details such as listing:

  • Items Included in the Order
  • Special Notes & Requests
  • Allergens

Why are Customized Labels Important for Local Restaurants?

Marketing Purposes: A high quality sticker showcasing your business name, logo, and brand colors is great for marketing! Bonus: Adding your social media handles is a way to increase online engagement. You want something that will stand out and get customers excited to receive their order.

Health & Safety: The fear of germs is at an all time high during the pandemic. What can you do to put your customer’s mind at ease, knowing their food is safe? Make sure you’re using strong, tamper proof packaging with seals to give customers a peace of mind.

“What’s the best way to communicate food-safety quality to the consumer? In addition to tamper seals, consider labeling the package with the time and date of pick up and offering guest guidance, including heating or reheating instructions if applicable.” Nation’s Restaurant News

Chicago Restaurants are Surviving COVID-19 with Takeout & Delivery Stickers - M&R Label

Long-Term Investment: Americans have found that ordering takeout and delivery has become the safer, smarter way to enjoy their favorite restaurants – and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. 

According to the Chicago Tribune: “In January, carryout visits grew nearly 3% compared with a year earlier, drive-thru grew 4% and delivery grew 1%, while on-premise dining was flat. Stay-at-home orders were probably fast-forwarded where the trend was already going. In April, delivery was up 115% from the prior year and drive-thru was up 19%. Traditional carryout fell 21% as people opted for takeout options with less interaction.”

A popular Chicago restaurant shares their story of how they have transformed their business practices to survive COVID-19, read the story here.

Chicago Businesses Trust M&R Label Printers Expertise

Are you ready to bring your label game up a notch? The M&R Label team is here to help your restaurant thrive during COVID-19 and beyond! As your chosen custom label printer in Chicago, we guarantee the best materials, smart label design, and producing a superior product your customers will appreciate. 

You can rest assured knowing that your delivery and takeout labels will be vibrant, comprehensive, and something to be proud of! In fact, our Digital Printing and Variable Data Label Printing are both great methods for creating these types of labels. Learn more about M&R Label’s capabilities on our website.

Enjoy quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and great customer service. It’s safe to say that restaurant delivery and takeout services in Illinois are essential and busier than ever, let us help you be as efficient as possible!

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