What Not to Do When Designing Product Labels

What Not to Do When Designing Product Labels

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We all know the economy ebbs and flows. Many business owners do what they can to save money and reduce costs. However, cutting corners on product marketing and label design is never a good idea. It could actually hurt your company’s bottom line. Labels are not only your product’s presentation and first impression to consumers, but they also represent your company values and quality.

With such a heavy influence on buyer decisions and an oversaturated market of choices, DIY product labels are not recommended. What do we recommend? Partnering with a label design and printing expert (like us) to ensure your labels are high quality and catch customer attention. Cutting corners now by trying to make labels yourself or selecting cheap materials will only cost your business product sales in the long-run.

We’ve seen companies of all sizes attempt to design and print their labels in house, only for it to hurt them financially – costing time, frustration, and money. Many mistakes are made, ink and materials wasted, etc. That’s when they come to us to save the day! Let our professional label team save your SMB from wasted resources.

What Not to Do When Designing Product Labels

What Not to Do When Designing Labels

Here’s what NOT to do when designing custom product labels…

Promoting False Claims

One false claim can irreparably damage your brand’s image. Therefore, it’s better to stick to the facts, even if they are not particularly exciting. If you are a brand looking to make your labels more interesting, don’t resort to lies. At M&R Label, we encourage our clients to keep it simple and stick to the facts that can be traced and verified. This approach builds trust and credibility. Once you have gained the trust of your consumers, you can foster brand loyalty.

Copycat Other Brands

DIY can be a challenging skill to master; it’s an art that not everyone can perfect. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with DIY, it’s easy to unintentionally mimic other brands. When you hire professionals, we’ll help build your brand from scratch. They use your product story, brand history, and unique elements to create something different, refreshing, and distinct.

Overcrowding Your Label

While it’s important to have a product with a storyline and plenty to share, your labeling is not the place for that. Instead, you want your product to resonate with your consumers. However, if there is too much information on one label, it can be distracting to the consumer. Keep facts and basic information alongside your brand’s logo and tagline. By having easy-to-read labels, consumers can quickly get the information they need and recognize your brand name.

Stressing About Trends

Trends come and go; what you need is an evergreen design. As a brand, you want your product or service to be relatable every season. Hence, you need a professional label printer to balance trendy and evergreen designs that fit like the perfect puzzle with your product story. We know what works that will catch attention and withstand the test of time!

Inconsistent Designs

With two or more products in the market, you have more room to flaunt your exceptional label-designing skills. But when designing custom product labels, don’t forget that all your products come from the same source. You need one element that ties them together, and your logo isn’t enough for that. Hire the best at M&R Label as your full-service label provider for consistent, recognizable branding that customers will love!

What Not to Do When Designing Product Labels

5 Benefits of Trusting M&R Label with Your Custom Label Needs

Creating custom labels while keeping up with the latest technology and designs can be challenging. That’s why hiring a full-service label printer is beneficial. We’ll guide your business in creating superior, unique labels that will place your product above the competition! Here are a few ways clients benefit from our top-knotch services…

The Professional Look

Do you want your products to look classy and professional? When it comes to a standard internal product, it’s crucial that it looks the part, and you can’t achieve that with DIY labels. Professional printing partners, such as M&R Label, can help you make your products look refined and stand out from competitors.

Unmatchable Quality

DIY labels may be fun, but do they ensure quality? No! You need a professional to get you the quality you need for your products. Even if you run  a small business, investing in quality product labels will go a long way. High quality materials, ink, and printing are all necessary to succeed in this crowded marketplace.

More Time for Other Tasks

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities on your plate. However, if you spend endless hours with your team designing labels for your products, you may lose precious time that could be used for other revenue-generating tasks. To free up some time, consider letting the experts at M&R Label create the premium custom labels you require.

Eye for Aesthetic

When your products hit the shelves, you want them to be an instant favorite with consumers. But how can you ensure that your product hits all the right chords? An eye for design and smart planning are essential when creating the perfect product label. A beautifully designed label will instantly attract customers and get them excited to try your brand.

Follow Regulations

While you can create your own labels, can you guarantee they comply with all FDA regulatory requirements? This is where the professionals come in. We have decades of experience across all industries and businesses throughout the country. Let M&R Label review your labels with a fine comb to avoid recalls, violations or legal action.

What to Do When Designing Product Labels? Trust the Professionals at M&R Label!

Invest in the industry knowledge and printing capabilities for success! Sit down with their creative team, explain your ideas and plans, and let the professionals take it from there. The team at M&R Label knows what’s trending, and if you want your product to stand out among competitors, you need a compelling packaging and label design.

Labels are important because they inform customers on what they can expect from your product and they act as a critical brand touchpoint for consumer interaction. And, as we all know in business, first impressions mean everything! Make sure your first impression turns potential customers into brand advocates by teaming up with custom label professionals with years of industry experience.

Full-Service Label Printer: The M&R Label Advantage
Why Choose M&R Label?

When you choose to work with M&R Label, you’ll enjoy the ease of having a full-service label printer on your side. You can be confident that we are experts in designing and printing custom labels. Our 30+ years of experience and talented team are the perfect combination for a successful label printing experience. We know all the mistakes to avoid, things to look out for, and of course tips & tricks of the trade. For every possible thing that could go wrong, we already have a system in place to make sure that doesn’t happen! That’s why customers have trusted us as Chicago’s premier label printer since 1989.

M&R Label can print any unique font, vibrant color, or image you need – on any type of material and shape! We provide premium custom printing solutions for a plethora of different industries; each with its own identity, requirements, and challenges. Our team is well-versed in the regulations of each industry we serve. We’ve earned a reputation as pioneers in this industry creating high quality digital and flexographic labels.

Our motto is: the customer has, and always will, come first. We think of our customers as family and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals and be successful! That is why we are constantly investing in the highest quality people, technology and equipment. M&R’s incredible custom label design, extensive label printing capabilities, quick turnaround times, and fair pricing are just what your business needs this year!

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