9 Ways To Make Your Products Look More Professional

9 Ways to Make Your Products Look More Professional

Are you planning to launch a new product? Or maybe give a fresh look to an existing one? Custom printed labels and thoughtful package design can take your product to new heights! The best packaging designs complement your marketing strategy, support your brand, connect to consumers, and express your company’s voice & values.

If you’re a product marketing professional or even small business owner, you’ve come to the right place. First we’ll explain why smart packaging design matters, then we’ll go over 9 ways to make your products look more professional…

Why Professional Package Design Matters

In the era of online shopping, is packaging even important? Consumers say yes!In fact, 72% of American consumers claimed that product packaging does influence their purchase decisions.

A high-quality package design attracts customers whether they’re shopping online or offline. Not only that, exciting packaging stays with the customers who love to rave about it on social media. Everyone loves a fun unboxing, especially for luxury products. It’s all about the consumer experience form ordering to receiving.

An out-of-the-box approach could significantly increase your brand recognition, like the skincare brand Lush. The protective packaging in the brand’s online deliveries is edible! It can be eaten (not the intended use) saving up on packaging waste and their goal of promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle.

9 Ways to Make Your Products Look More Professional

1. Use Quality Packaging Materials

High-quality packaging materials offer functionality as well as great aesthetics for your products. Shoppers will perceive the brand better, boosting your brand image and sales.

Packaging material as well as your custom label material needs to be well-suited to your product so that it can withstand end-use. For labels, materials such as BOPP, estate paper, semi-gloss paper, etc. are usually used. It is best to consult with your label provider if you want to use unique, uncommon materials.

2. Build Your Brand

Choosing suitable artwork and exemplary graphic design can boost your packaging like no other. Apple stands out as the perfect example of beautiful graphic design that complements its brand essence. With the Apple as the logo itself and the plain white packaging, all Apple products exude minimalism which is what the brand is all about.

Apple has also been creative with sensory packaging by including embossed artwork for their AirPods, enriching the customer’s tactile experience. Custom label design and printing can allow you to boost your product marketing through an experience your customers won’t forget.

3. Choose the Right Colors

According to consumer psychology, colors tell stories. It is not surprising that some of the best-known brands in the world – Coca-Cola and Tiffany are known by and for their colors. Colors can help build your brand identity so it is important to choose wisely.

Cool colors like white, blue, and lavender, symbolize simplicity and cleanliness. On the contrary, bright colors – red, yellow, and orange, exude confidence, happiness, and joy. Brown and black packaging are often used for more sophisticated or rugged products. What emotions do you want to connect with in your consumers?

4. Avoid Clutter, Less is More

We have one rule for words on labels – keep it simple. A lot of information and words will only clutter the limited real estate you have.

When a shopper discovers your product, you need to be as clear as possible about what your product is, the benefits, and its purpose. How do you achieve smart label design? Find the right balance of logo, brand name, visuals, and product information for a tidy label.

Here are a few tricks you can use to restructure your logo better:

  • Less is more – less wordy sentences work best. They take up less space and are more powerful. Try and see if you can restructure your content to be more succinct.
  • Resize fonts – you may have a specific font and typography for the name and tagline, but you can play around with fonts for the rest of the information. You can resize according to the space you have, or invest in larger labels if need be.
9 Ways To Make Your Products Look More Professional
5. Label with Layers

You may have come across an extended content label (ECL) at some point in your life. It’s one of those labels that allow you to peel off, fold it, or pop it out to reveal another one. Such labels allow for more information to be added to your packaging without making it look unprofessional.

ECLs are often found on smaller-sized packaging for chemicals, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. They are printed with regulatory information, ingredients, etc. in multiple languages, and instructions on usage. However, in marketing and promotions, these prove helpful for the following:

  • Coupons that can be redeemed later or instantly.
  • Surveys or rebate forms.
  • Cross-promotional products.
  • Corporate information allowing for brand-building opportunities.
6. Add Product Information

Some products have standard information printed on their labels. Is that by choice? Depending on your industry, you will be liable for including certain pieces of information in line with retailer requirements or compliance. For example, most aerosol sprays will have flammable signs printed on them.

But beyond what is necessary, product information can help you communicate with the customer and talk to them. A transparent ingredient list and nutritional information (if any) contribute to the authenticity of your product.

But what makes you stand apart is the differentiators on the label. Products that are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, sustainably sourced, etc should be mentioned accordingly on the label to capture your target audience.

7. Coordinate Appearance Across Products

If your brand has several products in your portfolio or several variants, the marketing strategy should dictate some uniformity across the products.

While the variants will have their label designs, they need to be in line with each other to create strong brand recognition for your customers. Similar packaging allows products to be shelved and displayed together, enforcing your brand identity and strength.

Across different variants, you can play with colors, ingredients, but keeping the same typography, packaging, and layout will create a strong association between the different products.

8. Make it Functional + Creative

Custom label designs and printing can help you create innovative and interesting labels for your brands. However, getting too excited can derail you off the good packaging.

Functionality is key, hence you need to identify the right materials and shapes that will be convenient to transport, store and use the product. Your packaging needs to last from manufacturing to when the consumer discards it and it is a major aspect to take into account.

9. Use Customer Feedback

If you want to revamp your existing packaging, we suggest a pilot run. This will allow you to get customer feedback and sentiment and can help you make a decision. Consumers yield significant power: 52% of consumers shifted away from a brand when it changed its packaging. This makes repackaging a massive risk. Collaborating with your customers decreases the risk of an eventual dramatic response.

Professional Package Design with M&R Label

Custom label printing an important way to improve your business performance, convey value, increase sales, and enhance your brand’s credibility. With increased competition in the marketplace across all industries, first impressions matter! Your products need to be a step ahead of the curve. The professional label printers at M&R Label can help you achieve just that.

As custom label design and printing experts, we have experience spanning several decades, across multiple industries. Our team can work with you on your business requirements to design labels that really tell your brand story and grab the attention of your target demographic. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us today to find out how we can help your business!

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