What kind of label educates and informs buyers of certain environmental claims of a product?


Ecolabel is the label type that educates and informs the buyers about the environmental claims of a product. There is no specific information available on this label; instead, the presence of the label itself is an indication that the product is environmentally friendly.

What are eco-labels?

Eco-labels are the labels added to the product package to help consumers to identify the products that are ecofriendly or environmentally friendly. You don’t have to go through the entire list of ingredients or product labels to find out about it. The presence of this label ensures that the product is eco-friendly.

Different types of eco-labels:

There are two types of eco-labels. These include the single-attribute and multi-attribute labels.

Single attribute eco-labels:

The single lifestyle stage or the single attribute eco-label is the label that deals only with a particular environmental issue. Its presence will only highlight that the product is somewhat eco-friendly.

Multi-Attribute eco-labels:

These attributes work to highlight the eco-labeling of the entire manufacturing process. With such labels, you can ensure that manufacturing, use, maintenance, and disposal – all activities indicate that the product is eco-friendly.

Besides, the other aspects that a multi-attribute label indicates are energy use, recycling, and chemical issues associated with a product. If the label is present on the product, you can assume it to be safe at every level.

Summing up:

Eco-labels are the labels that provide you with information regarding a product and its environmentally friendly nature. With these labels on a product, you can readily identify the product without going through the label or other details.

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