How are ingredients listed on a food label?


With multiple ingredients present on your product, are you confused about the proper method for the disclosure? Do you know there is an FDA-approved method for listing ingredients too? What is it?

How are ingredients mentioned?

The ingredients of the food labels used in the higher quantities are mentioned at the top of the list and vice versa. This means that the entire list of ingredients must be in descending order based on the amount of the particular ingredient used.

Why is it important?

Being a consumer, while reading food labels, you usually want to know about 80-90% of the ingredients and aren’t concerned about every detail that a food label contains.

Keeping this consumer behavior under consideration FDA requires the food manufacturers & suppliers to list the ingredients such that a look over the food label can give consumers an idea about the ingredients and the consumers do not have to look for ways to read the nutritional label.

Is it essential to comply with this requirement?

Yes. If you want to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, it is essential to satisfy these requirements. In case of non-compliance, FDA can take legal action against your company and the product.

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