How much do Custom Labels Cost?


Do you want a custom label for your product? But are you worried about the cost you’ll incur on printing when hiring a professional label printing company? 

Let me assure you—It won’t require fortunes on getting your customized labels. However, a customized label can probably increase your sales, helping you earn more profit.

What is the cost of a custom label?

Usually, you can get one label for less than $1; some companies even offer the labels in a few cents. To get the exact quote for your product label, you’ll have to share your precise requirements.

Factors determining the label cost:

To give you a better idea about the labeling cost, let’s look at the factors determining the price in the labeling and printing industry.

Label type:

Sheet, cut-to-size, and roll type levels are the main varieties available to choose from. If you want to go for the lowest price, roll-type should be your choice whereas cut-to-size is the most expensive one.


Rounded, square, oval, and rectangles are the varieties of labels to consider. Unless you go for a unique or customized shape, it doesn’t impact much on your cost.


Another crucial factor that determines the cost of the labels is the size. For a smaller label size, you’ll have to pay lower as compared to a larger one.


Different material types, including white gloss, waterproof paper, removable white paper, etc., determine the actual cost you’ll have to incur on your label printing. This decision usually depends on the product category.


Usually, the labeling companies offer a lesser rate for the higher quantity or number of labels ordered. You can buy in bulk to get a discounted rate.


If you need urgent labels, you’ll have to pay more. This is the simple rule on which the labeling industry operates.

After incorporating all these cost factors, you’ll get a per-label price along with a bulk price. It is better to have a quote from a few companies to get the best rate for your custom product labels.

Is it cheaper to print your own labels?

If you have a business that requires bulk and frequent printing, then employing your own resources for printing is cheaper. However, if you sell only a few products per month or need it as a one-time effort, then outsourcing printing to a professional company will be more economical.

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