Choosing the Best Material for Your Product Labels

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Is it time for a new custom label? Not sure where to start? Expert label design aside, one of the most important aspects of creating the best custom product label is the materials. The materials you choose not only affect the quality of the label, but also the label’s functionality and aesthetic! The material has quite an impact on the look and feel of your product. There are a variety of options to choose from when creating custom labels.

Each label material has its own characteristics, qualities, and benefits. So how is your business to know what material and finish would be best for your unique application? This can feel overwhelming at first, but no worries – that’s where we come in! The label design experts at M&R Label have over 30 years of experience helping our customers choose the best solutions possible. Let’s get started!

First, you must consider the following:

  • What color and finish would your label design look the best on?
  • Is your product container a solid color or clear?
  • Do you prefer a gloss laminate or matte foundation?
  • What size and shape will your label be?
  • Are you going for an environmentally friendly look or upscale, luxury aesthetic?
  • Will your products be exposed to harsh chemicals, weather conditions, or water/oil?
  • What type of material will your label be sticking to?

Answering a few basic questions before getting started is the key to a successful label experience. The more we know about your label vision and performance, the better! Choosing what label material to use is a very important decision. Whatever size, shape, or look you’re going for, you can be sure our team has the most effective solution available and your best interests in mind.

Browse the Common Custom Label Materials Available for Your Products

Now it’s time to take a look at the material options and finishes to choose from…

Paper Labels
  • White Gloss Paper: This material provides the highest quality shine! Gloss labels produce vibrant colors and are an inexpensive labeling material. Glossy labels are great for getting your products seen on shelves.
  • White Semi-Gloss Paper: Known for indoor use and very cost efficient. The semi-gloss finish provides a crisp and clean reproduction of your artwork. Semi-gloss does not produce colors as vibrant as white gloss stock. It’s ideal for a label that will be handled often as it is less resistant to smudging and dust.
  • Brown Kraft Paper: This unique looking paper is specifically for achieving the appearance of a kraft paper bag. This can also give a more eco-friendly, sustainable or handmade aesthetic! It’s 100% recycled and great for adding a natural, rustic look.
  • Uncoated white Paper: This is the most basic label, it can be used for almost anything that won’t come in contact with water or oil.
Vinyl Labels
  • White Vinyl: This material is used for wet applications or for longer shelf life of the label. These label offer great image reproduction and can easily be cut to a custom shape! This labels can be applied directly onto plastic, paper, cardboard or glass surfaces with great results.
  • Clear Vinyl: These labels are also used for wet applications or for longer shelf life. The main reason to use a clear vinyl instead of the white vinyl is when the product under the label needs to be seen, for example: candles, drinks, oils or glass bottles.
  • Matte Paper: The clean surface of a matte white label provides a great canvas! It’s coated surface allows for great artwork reproduction. Matte paper produces nice quality images, but not as vibrant as images would be on glossy paper. Matte paper will not be marred by fingerprints, or produce a glare.
  • Fluorescent Paper: This material is designed for helping labels POP and stand out, especially when used with vibrant colors. Perfect for eye catching displays and special promotions.
  • Silver Metallic: This material is sure to give your products a polished sheen! The metallic print reflects light and provides a high-quality look. Available in a matte or glossy finish, this material is resistant to sun, water, oil and is freezer safe.
  • Polypropylene: This film is suitable for applications that require a resistance to water, oil, and chemicals. This film also has great transparency, giving a “no-label” look. Some labeling applications include beverages, health and beauty.
  • Polyethylene (PE): Similar to Polypropylene, this film is suitable for applications that require a resistance to water, oil, and chemicals. This film contours well and is flexible, making it a great choice for squeezable packages. Polyethylene films are typically used in home care labeling, health and beauty.
  • Polyester: Polyester films provide excellent clarity and high durability. Polyester films are valued for their ability to resist moisture, decay and extreme temperatures.
  • White Film (BOPP): This film material is both durable and flexible. Some suitable labeling applications include squeezable and rigid plastic containers.
  • Squeezable Film: Flexible film eliminates peeling and wrinkling on shaped containers and is great for labeling squeezable tubes and bottles of items like lotions, toothpaste, CBD balms and other health and beauty items.
Choosing the Best Material for Your Product Labels - M&R Label
Choosing the Best Material for Your Product Labels - M&R Label

Partnering with M&R Label for a Successful Experience

Between the need for waterproof or oil resistant labels, transparent vs. solid, the type product you’re labeling, and the aesthetic you have in mind, there’s much to consider when choosing the best label material for your products. Not sure where to start with the label design? M&R Label would be happy to partner with you to create a superior label unique to your needs!

We will do whatever you ask of us, not the other way around! We’re happy to print any unique font, vibrant color, or image you need – on any type of material and shape! No matter what industry you’re in, these items require labels & packaging that will grab the consumer’s attention. M&R’s superior label design, extensive digital printing technology, and quick turnaround times are just what your business needs!

Curious about common label printing mistakes to avoid? Read this! As your chosen custom label printer in Chicago, we guarantee high quality label materials, creative label design, and a successful labeling experience.

Feeling inspired? Work with us to create high quality custom labels you’ll be proud of!
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