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Custom Label Capabilities: Thermal Label Printing for Your Business

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When it comes to designing custom product labels and choosing the best label printing partner, there’s more to consider than simply how your labels will look. It’s all about the behind the scenes process as well. You’ll need to make sure the label printer offers innovative printing technology.
Are they up to date on the latest custom label knowledge and trends? Find out what their printing capabilities are and make sure they offer techniques that are best for the type of label your business requires. There are a wide variety of printing techniques and it’s vital to make sure you work with a printer that knows what they’re doing!
Today we’re going to give you the breakdown and benefits of a very popular label printing technique at M&R Label: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Label Printing Services

Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Label Printing

There are two common thermal printing methods: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Each method uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. While controlled heat is the main component in thermal printing as heat is used to apply an image onto the label, there are slight variations to each method. You may be wondering, what’s the difference? Read about this unique process below…
The Process
  • Direct Thermal printing is designed for short term applications. It’s lower in cost and doesn’t require ink, toner, or ribbon. But keep in mind, it only prints in black ink. Direct thermal labels print on continuous reels or sheets and are highly cost effective for creating simple labels in large quantities. Not only does this method cost less to operate, but it is environmentally friendly and easy to use!
  • Thermal Transfer printing is designed for long term applications, requiring a high print quality. Thermal transfer printing will require a ribbon and can print in color. The main difference between these two printing methods is that transfer printing requires a ribbon, whereas direct thermal printing does not. This technology is excellent for harsh environments and can withstand extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and chemicals!
The Benefits

These methods are both very convenient, cost effective, and known to produce high quality, crisp images within a small space.

Other thermal label benefits include:

  • Saving time during printing
  • Elimination of wrinkling from ribbons
  • Less physical inventory taking up space
  • Allows bath or single label without waste
Common Applications

Many of our thermal transfer and direct thermal labels are used for products in most industries, such as food, beverage, health & beauty, and nutraceuticals. Whatever your label needs are, our team is ready to help create and produce the perfect label solution for your business!

Specific examples of use include:

  • Product barcodes
  • Packaging labels
  • Receipts
  • Name tags
  • Ticketing
  • Coupons

Something to take note of: Direct thermal materials are highly sensitive to light, heat and heavy contact, making them susceptible to fading in the long term. These labels are more appropriate for shorter shelf life.

There is no certain answer as to which thermal printing application is the best. There are many variables and other considerations must be taken into account when choosing a printing route, our team is happy to guide you! Read more about choosing the best label material here.

M&R Label - Thermal & Direct Thermal Label Printing

M&R Label Offers Innovative Label Printing Techniques for Every Industry

Does your printer use a heated ribbon to print text or images also known as a thermal transfer printer? Or does your printer not use any ribbon at all, known as direct thermal printing, which generates the image directly on the material? Either way, M&R Label can easily manufacture direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for your products! Our experienced team offers a variety of printing solutions for every industry and custom design. M&R’s quick turnaround guarantees to supply you labels quickly and continuously meet your label inventory needs.

When partnering with a professional, you’ll want to make sure they provide all of the services you’re interested in – not just printing. These “extras” can include label design and inventory management as well. At M&R Label, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the label printing industry. We provide technologically advanced and eco-friendly printing solutions, such as flexographicdigitalthermal, and variable data printing options.

Other printing services we offer include:

When you choose to work with M&R Label, you can be confident that we are experts in designing and printing custom labels. Our 30+ years of experience and talented team are the perfect combination for a successful label printing experience. We have established ourselves as a trusted printing partner and have helped to define what “high quality” custom labels mean for every industry.

Exceeding customer expectations time and time again is our number one priority! Our motto is: the customer has, and always will, come first. We think of our customers as family and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals and be successful!

The M&R Label team is committed to providing impressive labels at a fair cost, along with extensive label printing & design knowledge. We will do whatever you ask of us, not the other way around! We’re happy to print any unique font, vibrant color, or image you need – on any type of material and shape!

In this highly competitive marketplace, it’s critical to make sure you’re using premium labels that stand out from the rest! Whatever products you are selling, these items need labels & packaging that will grab the consumer’s attention.

Interested in working with us? Ask to see our portfolio for samples! As your chosen custom label printer in Chicago, we guarantee quick turnaround, high quality materials, and creative label design.

Ready for a custom label solution tailored just for your business? We are awaiting your call and ready to start the presses!
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