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The nutrition facts label on a food package list “iron 50%.” What does this figure indicate?


Are you having difficulty reading the product labels? Are you stuck in reading the “iron 50%” label on a food package?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. It means that consuming one serving of this food package can help you with 50% of your daily iron requirements. So, if you consume one serving, you are only left with a requirement for a 50% iron requirement.

How do you determine a serving?

The food and beverage labels contain the quantity of a single serving and healthfulness of the product. So, you can read the label for such information.

What is your daily iron requirement?

The daily iron requirement is determined by the average intake standards and body requirements. Usually, men need 8.7g of iron daily, whereas, for women, this quantity is 14.8mg (age 19-50). 

Does your product contain iron?

If your product contains any traces of iron, you can mention it in grams and in the percentage terms for the overall nutritional value required like the other ingredients mentioned on the food label. This will make it easier for the consumers to make a rational choice.

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