How do I get a Nutrition Label for my Product?


Have you created your first home-based food product and are unsure about the method to acquire a label for your product? You don’t have to worry. This article explains the complete procedure to get a nutrition label for your product.

Process of getting a nutrition label for food products:

Before you can print a label on the packaging of your product, it is essential to know what actually is in the particular food item and how to include it in the labeling process.

Below is the step-by-step process of getting a nutritional food label for your products.

Know the nutritional content of your food:

To find the exact nutritional content of your food, there are two main ways. You can either dig up the nutritional database or get your product tested from a lab.

National databases:

When using this method to find the nutritional content of your food, you should be ready to invest a lot of time and effort. It is because each ingredient in your food will have to be monitored and properly calculated to find the exact amount of a particular nutrient that you can include on your label.

Lab testing:

While opting for the lab testing method, you can easily have all the information about ingredients, nutritional facts, and their percentage in a particular food item, thus making your work a lot easier.

However, the choice is yours, and you can select any of the methods you think will be appropriate in your situation.

Follow the FDA procedure:

When collecting data about your food products, you might get a lot of extra information that FDA might not require from you to mention on the label.

So, one of the essential steps here is to note the requirements outlined by FDA. Besides, there is a set format of the nutritional panel that the manufacturers are expected to follow.

Once you get the nutritional information about your product, sort it out in the elements that are essential for complying with FDA regulations.

Label designing:

The next important step after you have the format ready is the design. Depending upon the container size and your product, you can have different label formats.

Besides, you have to keep in mind the aesthetical element when designing your labels. You can hire a designer for this purpose or get help from the labeling experts; they can help you manage this part of the label creation.

Label Printing:

Lastly, you have to print and paste your label on the product before rolling it out in the market. A professional label printing company provides you with different sizes, qualities, and quantities of your labels. So, you can get a perfect label for your entire product line.

Summing up:

Making a nutritional label for your product is not technical but requires a bit of research and time investment. You can hire an expert label printing company in Chicago to speed up the process or do things on your own; it is up to you.

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