How to Find out What a Product is by its Food Label?


Finding the exact product through its label is not possible. But you can find the genre to which the product belongs and determine the healthiness or unhealthiness associated with it.

The nutritional label on the food product can provide you with all the necessary information regarding the product under consideration. This article will help you find the most essential things in a food label.

Apply the 5/20 rule while reading the food label:

According to this rule, if a nutrient on the food label is available in less than 5% quantity, it is low, whereas the nutrients present as 20% or more in the % daily value column of the food label indicate a high presence.

If the product under consideration contains beneficial “high nutrients”, you should consider it healthy and buy, or stop otherwise.

Look for perseverative:

Food products with added sugars or perseverative aren’t good for health. If you find food items claiming the addition of these substances, it must raise a red flag for you if you are on a diet or need healthy food.

Find the highest nutrient value:

The nutrient list will highlight the presence of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, etc. on the label. Finding the highest contribution of these nutrients in the daily value can give you an idea about the product’s niche.

If protein gets the highest contribution in the DV% column, it can probably mean that you are looking at a product made from meat. Similarly, such an analysis of the food label can help you find the product vaguely.

Summing up:

Getting to know the exact food item through the food label is impossible. But the highest contributing nutrient and other detail on the food label guides you to make a healthy choice. To get your labels in Chicago, contact M&R Label today.

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