How to Read a Nutrition Label?


No matter what product you are buying, reading a nutritional label is a difficult thing to do. This is why we often skip this part and put the product in our shopping basket.

Is it a good thing to do? Not at all! Nutrition labels can reveal a lot about the product, and if you skip it, you are missing the essential information, which could have influenced your decision.

So, now the question is how to read a nutrition label easily, and this article will guide you through the process.

The style of nutrition level may vary:

You won’t find a similar nutritional label for every product. Slight variations in designs are there, but the basic things on a nutrition label are almost the same.

So, let’s have a look at a few things:

Serving information:

This section talks about the number of serving in that container and the serving size. It is compulsory by law and would make the understanding of the rest of the label easy.


The next important section on the label is the calorie count. Be sure that the calorie count is about the serving size or per serving. You have to be conscious about it because you can only consume a particular number of calories every day. So to be healthy, you must know how many calories are you having with everything you eat.


This is often the most difficult section of the label. All the different nutrients are listed with the value of that specific nutrient.

But how would you know which products have adverse health effects? You should avoid products with high saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. 

However, the products rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, and dietary are healthy, and you should consume them in moderate quantities.

Percent Daily Value:

This lists the nutrients with the percentages that you can consume on a particular day. Consuming excessive quantities of even these helpful nutrients could be dangerous.

Generally, the value of 5% is considered low; if it exceeds 20%, it is considered high. So, you can have an idea regarding what you should consume for a healthy diet accordingly.

One important thing to note is, if you have a product with more than one serving, you’ll see a dual column highlighting the nutritional content for each serving and the entire container. So, look for the right column when making your purchase decisions.

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