4 Ways Labels Improve Consumer Perception of Product Quality

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Labels are a crucial part of the marketing strategy and sales design of any manufacturer or service provider. Every company owner and marketer stresses upon the quality of their products and therefore, focuses on the quality of the labels.

Consumers are also looking for the best quality labels as they are an indication that the product will be excellent. Consumers like to hold and see how the product feels and is packaged to decide if they want to buy it.

However, there are a few time restraints when it comes to making the first impression last. If a customer spends only a few seconds to decide if they want to buy the product, the manufacturers need to focus on improving the consumer perception.

Here are four practical ways labels improve consumer perception of product quality.

How Labels Impact Customers?

A good product label will have an impact on the customer as they view the product seriously. Here are some ways to improve the perception of your target customer:

Label Materials: 

The material of the label can be considered a product cost because when a customer is thinking of buying a product, the label material will be able to tip the scale in favor of your product. A water-proof label has a good feel as it has a glossy top coat, which adds to the aesthetics. All luxury brand labels are attractive and look sturdy.

A windbreaker with no top coat and a flimsy feel will make it seem as if the product is subpar. The suitable material may vary according to the product, as some items need a textured and matte-coated paper stock to look presentable, expensive, and worth the purchase.

Wine labels, food items, and festive products such as Christmas gift basket items should have the textures labels. If you offer a product for office use or a professional setting, maybe a shrink sleeve would be able to give a clean and professional look that would appeal to the customers.

Colorful Impression:

The proper use of colors will win you, customers, because the first thing that makes a product stand out from afar is the color scheme of the label. No matter what kind of company logo you have, there are many colorful labels that can attract customers and help them decide on a purchase.

For example, if you offer a product for a specific gender, there are color schemes and designs that would attract them more.

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Embellishments like lamination can significantly uplift a label’s appeal and durability. Learn more about the benefits and types of Protecting Labels & Stickers with Lamination for your product packaging.

As mentioned earlier, the glossy coat is attractive. Similarly, the embossed labels or hot foil stamping can make an impression.

Manufacturers can use embossed labels for all kinds of products. We see numerous daily-use items presented in exquisite labels, and customers buy them because of the way they look. Spot varnishing is another embellishment that can look good and elevate the quality of the product.

Soft touch varnish will look expensive and add to the label by making the customer believe that they are getting value for money.

Similarly, stamping foil will give your product a new dimension and make the packaging look interesting to all customers. When a company pays attention to detail, the result will show in sales.

Eliminating Label Damage: 

We have seen many luxury items lose customers if the label got damaged by a simple printing or sealing job.

If the label is scratched or the top coat becomes bumpy, the customers will not be able to read correctly, and eventually, the item will move to the back of the shelf because nobody wants it.

The end coat is essential, and that is why we have mentioned it several times.

Companies can avoid label damage and defects by ensuring print protection. Print protection eliminates the chance of scratched and old-looking labels, which is a crucial component of label printing. Many times, goods are packed in closed boxes, and friction causes their labels to become loose or old.

Moreover, water, oil, and other kinds of liquids can also spoil labels.

Manufacturers and label production units must ensure that the label matches the nature of the product.

The label can be without a top coat if you sell dry items. However, for oily or liquid items, the label should have a glossy top coat that prevents the label’s text from getting spoiled if the pack is wet. If bubbles and wrinkles appear on the label, it is essential to check the application methods.

Sometimes, the most efficient label printing can become weak if the applicating partner does not focus on the quality of applying the label.

Marketing teams must ensure that the final product appears attractive, and to do this, it is vital to check the printing and application of the label.

Here are a few ways of ensuring perfect application:

  • Focus on the container: The container used for the product has a role to play in the look of the label. The different types of materials used for packaging will impact the final look of the label. If you are looking for the correct label, ensure your applicating personnel have all the packaging information.
  • Where is the application taking place? If the application is taking place in a humid environment, there will be wrinkles and bubbles. Temperature, moisture, and contamination are some of the primary reasons labels become weak. The adhesives have to be selected according to the environment of the application venue, along with the weather conditions of the area where they are available.
  • Liners: A different application method is used for every type of label. The clear liners or paper liners will provide you with the best finish.
  • Improper storage: A temperature-controlled and preferably vacuum storage container is best for label storage because the adhesive can become weak, and the colors can become dull under the top coat if the labels are exposed to moisture. Moreover, after application, these labels must be finished with a coat to ensure that all the colors, embossed embellishments, or text are secure.


Labels can improve consumer perception of product quality by selecting the correct labels.

We have discussed how labels can improve the consumer’s impression of the product. You can try all these ways and ensure your product sales improve significantly.

Think of labels as the first glance of your product, and maintain the quality to win customers. If you need high-quality labels, contact M&R Label today!

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