The Difference Between Glossy, Satin, and Matte Labels

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During the initial days of business, many details become essential discussions. One such discussion is the difference between glossy, satin, and matte labels. Labels are an integral part of the business as they disclose product details and prove customer satisfaction.

If a company wants its customers to be happy with the way the product looks and the information that it reveals, labels are vital. Which label will be best for your products? Get to know the difference between the various label types, and you can decide better.

Glossy Finish Labels

Glossy finish labels are just what the name suggests: glossy. These paper labels have a shiny layer on top that gives them a smooth shine. Many glossy labels are waterproof due to that shiny layer, and that is why you see many beverages and frozen food items with these kinds of labels.

Glossy labels reflect light, and this shine looks attractive apart from the protection of the design. The color contrasts, and the excellent shiny surface makes your label more visible from a distance.

Moreover, you can rely on this finish to keep the design new and as vibrant as it was the day it was printed. An excellent example of glossy labels is the soda bottles, which are used and reused without changing the label. Moreover, the boxes or packs with gloss labels tend to wear less than paper labels, which do not have a protective sheet.

Glossy labels are beneficial because they look new for a long time. Many retail products look refreshing because of their shiny look. Moreover, these labels are visible from a distance, so many brands prefer this label type. These labels work well in dimly lit places, and that is a big reason for their popularity among brands.

Matte Labels 

A non-reflective or matte label is one that does not have a shiny finish. However, these labels also have a protective plastic layer. This layer gives the label more protection from dampness or fading of colors.

These labels can be a good pick since they do not wear out quickly and have good color quality. You may have seen these labels on food items and other consumer goods. The most common appearances for these labels are dark and contrasted colors. These labels are not shiny, but the text and brand logo are pretty bright.

The natural and sophisticated look of matte labels is never going to be out of style. Many consumer items have matte labels, especially the brands that market the product’s seriousness.

An example of this is your instant coffee jar. Many of these brands have matte labels, which can be a competition thing too. However, these labels indeed get attention if they are correctly done.

Satin Labels

Satin labels are similar to matte labels and not as shiny as the glossy finish. However, the name satin is used for this type of label due to the UV varnishes that are used on matte labels.

This varnish distinguishes the two kinds of labels as the satin label has a glazed look.

These labels are popular because they can be easier to write. This type of label is a good choice if you have to write on it with a pen or a marker. Moreover, these labels can have all the same color contrasts and still look less glossy than the glossy labels.

Which Label Is For Your Brand?

Labels are more of a brand preference, which means that companies choose between these types of labels only because of their liking. However, you can keep in mind what your competitors are using only so that your product can compete better.

Moreover, the look of the label compliments the product. If you are selling an organic dessert, a matte label may go better. However, processed food cans and even the various kinds of consumer goods that last longer can have glossy labels. These are the stereotypical uses according to what the different brands are already using. If you compare the price of each, these labels are almost the same.

Last Words

Every brand uses labels to provide information about the product along with the company logo and other specifications.

The difference between glossy, matte, and satin labels will help you decide which label will work for your brand and product. We have discussed the benefits of each kind of label so you can make the right choice.

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