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Weatherproofing Your Water Bottle Labels

Spring is finally here! Sunshine has returned to Chicago and the excitement for outdoor activities is back! Outdoor-lovers are venturing out to enjoy backpacking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and much more. Hydration is a necessity for any of these activities. Some people prefer the Hydro Flask while others find it easier to make do with a plastic water bottle.

Either way, durability is absolutely essential. Both the water bottle’s container and the label need to be “weatherproof”. It needs to withstand snow, sleet, rain, and all of the other rugged surprises nature can bring. Water resistant labels are a priority for the best water bottles on the market. The last thing you want is for customers to say that your labels peel off or the ink bleeds.

In this blog, we will discuss what weatherproofing means, how to use it to bolster your brand, and why M&R Label Printers is the best place to get started weatherproofing your water bottle labels this year…

What are Weatherproof Labels?

Weatherproof simply means that an item is protected from the bad effects of weather. Water and oil are the two main substances that a product can be weatherproof from. On the side of water, you have three levels of protection:

  • Water Resistant: A water-resistant designation indicates a low level of protection against water. While a brief skirmish with water will likely not ruin a water-resistant item, it will not stand up to being completely submerged or exposed to water for any extended period.
  • Water Repellant: Items designated as water-repellent are somewhat better than water-resistant, though the lack of an industry-wide standard of measure leaves the term open for debate. Water-repellent clothing and devices are structurally designed and treated with hydrophobic coatings that repel with a thin-film nanotechnology. Some water repellent clothing is treated after the garment is made, while other companies treat the cloth before it is fashioned into garments.
  • Waterproof: A waterproof designation indicates that the item is completely impervious to water. Waterproof clothing features a repellent coating that makes garments impervious to water. While these garments are designed for durability in extreme conditions, the shield is not entirely permanent.

Weatherproof is a level of protection that falls between water-repellent and water-resistant. The fabric of a weatherproof garment or label will provide protection but may admit water in harsh conditions and heavy downpours.

Weatherproof Your Bottles and Your Brand

Nalgene, Yeti, Hydro Flask, and Klean Kanteen are some of the most recognizable and trusted water bottling brands in the world. What do these brands all have in common? They have weatherproof labeling to go with their weatherproof bottles. Brands like these are made for the outdoors, so it only makes sense for the labels to be ready for whatever weather is thrown at them.

If your brand’s water bottle label designs aren’t durable, what does that tell a customer about your product? Partner with a trusted label printer like M&R Label to deliver strong, durable custom product labels so your customers can perform their outdoor activities without having to worry about wear and tear and cumbersome, peeling labels.

Weatherproofing Your Water Bottle Labels - MR Label Printers
Water Bottle Label Requirements

As with any other food or beverage, water bottle labels do have to abide by FDA requirements. Here’s a breakdown of what information needs to be displayed on your custom water bottle labels

  • Nutrition Facts: For water, most of the common stats like calories and fat will usually be 0. However, if there are any traces of potassium, sodium, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, or fluoride, they need to be listed.
  • Producer or Distributor: The FDA requires the producer or distributor of the water to be included in the labeling.
  • Water Type: There are several types of water. Artesian water, mineral water, sparkling bottled water, and spring water to name a few. For each type of water, there are specifications the FDA requires your water to meet in order to have that designation. For example, if your product is labeled “spring water”, it must come from a natural spring and the water must be collected at that spring

The combination of label stock and adhesive will determine how your custom label will behave on the water bottle. Choosing the wrong label materials can result in labels that peel and show a lack of attention to detail and quality, affecting your brand. M&R Label Printers is here to help you with your water bottle labeling needs!

Water Bottle Label Printing Best Practices from M&R Label:

You are not bound to stick with just one label-type for your water bottles. Here are the main types of labels you can get specifically for the water bottles from M&R Labels:

  • Cut to size: Cut to size labels grant you the flexibility to create any shape or size you need for your water bottle. M&R Label Printers use laser technology for precision and apply adhesive properties that stick to your bottle’s surface. Usually, these labels work best in situations when you need a limited number of labels.
  • On a roll: These labels are available in the roll form for you to remove the individual sticker and place it on your bottle. They can only be available in the standard dimensions and are often preferred when you need the stickers or labels in bulk.

When dealing with the water bottles, you should keep in mind that the stickers would be exposed to water, freezing temperatures, and melting ice. A good label should withstand all these conditions. To ensure that, you‘ll have to choose the right paper quality.

4 mil White Vinyl High Gloss (UV) is available with water-resistant properties. With this paper, you can expect a high gloss, matte, and gloss finish. Another option you have is White Premium Sticker Paper, which is perfect for the roll label stickers. BOPP is also available if you need a textured look for your labels.

To create a perfect water bottle label, you can adopt the following steps:

  • Get the accurate measurement of your bottle and the spot of your sticker.
  • Pinpoint your market or use your water bottle to find the right paper type
  • Create a customized label with your brand logo, contact information, etc.
  • Share the finalized label with M&R labels for printing
“I have worked with the folks at M&R Label for over 10 years. Their label pricing is very competitive and their quality along with attention to detail is the best in the industry! Combine that with fast turnaround times and service makes them my go to company for any label needs. Definitely a 5+ star company.” – Client Review

Your weatherproof water bottle label should make a statement about the durability and quality of your brand, and also needs to adhere to FDA guidelines. This task can be difficult to handle alone. That’s where the experts at M&R Label Printers come in! With over 30 years of experience in the beverage labeling industry, we are experts in the field. Allow us to assist your company with label design, label production, and we even help manage your label inventory so you can get back to what you do best!

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