different label types for consumer and industrial products

What Are the Different Types of Labels for Consumer and Industrial Products?

Custom Labels

One of the most crucial investments for you as a manufacturer will be the selection of the correct label. Custom label printing is an essential step of product development; all consumer and industrial products require them.

Labels can make or break any product’s image, and they can help manufacturers attract more customers. Labels provide information about the product, but they also help with brand identity and appearance.

The label is what informs customers of nutritional value, expiration date, product information with uses, and directions of use. There can be many kinds of labels, some removable and some permanent.

Further classifications of labels are based on the material and the kind of products they are designed for, but which label is suitable for your product?

Consumer and industrial products have different kinds of packaging and label requirements. What are the different types of labels for consumer and industrial products?

Let’s find out.

Digital Print Labels

benefits of digital print labels

Digital printing is the refined and specialized form of printing for labels. This printing technique works best for short runs of printing.

Short-run printing is suitable for products that need different labels over time.

For example, if a body lotion is sold as a more potent formula in winter, it would require an additional label during that season. These labels provide flexibility in changing design and text.

Moreover, these labels can give a clean gradient, customized color changes, variable data, and other benefits.

The most significant advantage of digital printing for labels is that it can be more cost-effective than flexographic printing in shorter runs.

Manufacturers can order prototype printing without worrying about additional costs when they select digital printing.

However, what kind of products will benefit from this kind of label printing?

Digital printing can be a wise choice for consumer goods such as coffee, daily personal care items and grocery items like milk.

Another example of goods that benefit from digitally printed labels is medicines. The changed potencies and the more oversized packaging need the exact design of the label but with some changes in the text.

Silkscreen Labels

Silkscreen labels are a good choice for your product if you are looking for optimal durability in a range of conditions, such as temperature change and bulk packaging, where each item label requires abrasion resistance.

These labels can withstand chemicals and climate conditions. Moreover, you can wash them; they will still be legible and will not fade.

This kind of labeling works for industrial items, chemicals, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. Businesses select silkscreen labels for durability, product differentiation, and packaging with unique shapes.

Silkscreen labels are made using a printing technique from the 1900s, with a photographically treated screen and stencil. The ink is used to print the label directly on the product.

For multicolor labels, several screens are needed, but the results are long-lasting, and the label does not lose its color or gloss.

Flexographic Labels

Flexographic labels are the most common type, as they have been used for many decades. This type of label printing is considered conventional.

Like silkscreen printing, this method also requires multiple stencils and color screens, but the effect of this printing is long-lasting.

Flexographic labels are less cost-effective than digital printing because they need the preparation of separate screens, and the dyes and colors used are also more expensive. This method of printing is suitable for manufacturers that offer consumer or industrial products.

However, these products must not require changes in the text on the label because flexographic printing is not as flexible as that.

If your product involves foil packing, embossing, coating, and metallic ink, flexo is the way to go. However, this printing method will not give you the flexibility to change the text, design or colors.

High-Quality Labels For Consumer and Industrial Products

When you are looking for the correct label printing in Chicago, M&R Label will come up as the best option. You can create an error-free label with our expert teams, who will guide you about the best product label type.

Consumer goods have different needs, and while some perishable goods might require unique kinds of labels, our team will educate you about all the options.

Many manufacturers feel that they do not need to spend a lot on labels, but if you think about it again, label printing can be an excellent marketing tactic. The correct label and packaging can make a lot of difference for the brand.

Industrial labels are more specialized, and since only some industrial products require regular changes in the text or label design, flexographic printing might be a good option. Nevertheless, some industrial products might benefit from digital printing labels, too.

Similarly, consumer goods need regular changes, so digital printing is an obvious choice for them, but there are exceptions. When you need help understanding which label printing will suit your budget and product, our teams will help you decide. Contact us today!

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