How to Label a Waste Product as Hazardous?


It might not be surprising that waste products also need labeling. This labeling ensures that your waste is properly sorted and reaches the right destination, impacting the environment minimally.

But how can you ensure that you are adequately labeling your waste? Our focus here will be to help you find an answer to this question.

Hazardous waste labeling:

It is essential for the companies producing the waste to label it adequately. Below are the main aspects you have to consider when labeling:

  1. Mark “hazardous waste” on the container to identify it properly.
  2. Description of the waste products with the percentage of chemicals present in them is also essential.
  3. Moreover, descriptions of the hazards like “flammable liquid,” “poison,” and “corrosive”, should be mentioned on the container depending upon its nature.
  4. Lastly, the date on which the waste was first added to the container must be mentioned. Technically, it is known as the start date.
  5. Another thing to note is that all the chemicals in the waste must be spelled out fully (not with abbreviations)


The size of the hazardous waste label is also of prime importance. The size of the tag must be at least 4” x 4”, so it is visible. The color, border, and style of the label must be ensured in a way that it is noticeable and grabs everyone’s attention.

Besides, the placement of the label must be in an entirely visible place. It must not be covered by other items or anything on a container.

Furthermore, the label must be visible to the workers and inspectors, so utmost care is taken in this regard.

Summing up:

Hazardous waste can be the cause of multiple problems. So, it is essential to able it properly. It will help in its proper disposal and the safety of everyone around. We can help you with your label printing services in Chicago. Get your product label quote from the M&R Label today.

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