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8 Ways to Cut Costs on Custom Labels

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With thousands of brands on the shelf, which one do you choose and why? The one with the best packaging of course! It is the first interaction that the customer has with your brand and this first impression greatly influences how consumers will feel about your product..and if they will put it in their cart!

As a small business, you’re probably thinking: Custom product labels can be costly, right? Not always! There are many factors that come into play when designing and printing labels. We know a few tips and tricks for reducing costs while still ending up with a high quality, premium label that adds value to your bottom line.

Every business has a budget and we understand. The experts at M&R Label are here with eight ways you can cut costs when customizing your product labels and packaging, without costing you sales.

The Importance of Using Premium Custom Labels

With e-commerce on the rise and more people shopping online, the importance of packaging has increased. Since the customer doesn’t interact with other brands physically when purchasing online, you need to deliver the best experience possible through custom packaging and labeling.

Custom labels help you not only stand out in person and online, but also helps develop brand recognition with your target market. People love talking about unique products, exciting unboxing, and high quality packaging on social media. Beautiful and innovative product marketing is also often reused and repurposed, becoming a part of people’s lifestyles.

A concern that often comes up is the cost. Custom labels cost more, and if you wish to be creative and unique, you need to boost your budget. So how do you choose between creativity, quality, and costs? Maybe you don’t have to settle… Can you deliver high-quality labels and be cost-efficient too? The answer is yes! Keep reading to find out how you can save money on your custom packaging and labeling without compromising quality.

8 Ways to Save Money and Cut Costs on Custom Labels
The Volume Game

It might be a no-brainer for several businesses. If you buy in bulk, you get more discounts. But how much should your order be? Your first thought should be to assess whether printing in bulk is feasible for you. Does your product change frequently? Do you revamp packaging more often? If the answer is no, bulk quantities may be the way for you to go. But when you buy in bulk, figure out your optimum quantity. You can’t just double the order cause that might cost you more. We’ll work closely with you to identify what volume would give you the best cost advantages. Chances are your cost-efficiency is just a few labels away!

Blanket Bulk Orders

Another way to save costs is by placing blanket orders. If your labels are not subject to frequent changes or any edits shortly, this can be a good option for you. A blanket order allows you to have a long-term agreement on the volume of labels you require. Our team can produce the order in a large quantity and can hold it for you. Then we’ll ship it to you per your label inventory requirements. Blanket orders benefit brands especially when the prices of raw materials fluctuate saving you from incremental costs, and helping avoid shortages.

8 Ways to Reduce Custom Labeling Costs - MR Label
Go Digital

Choosing the right printing technology can help you cut costs without affecting the look or feel of your labels. If your order is less than 10,000 labels, digital printing may be a wiser and more cost-effective option for you. Digital printing is cheaper than flexographic printing since it doesn’t require additional tooling or frequent plate changes. Even if you have multiple variants and multiple label designs, they can be accommodated easily with variable data label printing without incurring extra costs. Ask the label professionals at M&R to learn more about this money-saving printing process!

Identify the Right Materials

Identifying what the packaging will be used for, how long it needs to last, and what conditions it should be able to withstand will help you choose the best materials for the label. While some products such as wine require durable, water-resistant labels, the paper might suffice for some packaging. Do you need something that’s oil resistant, sustainable, or with a shiny finish? Depending on your label material and finish, we can find ways to reduce your overall spend. As materials vary across your product portfolio and your packaging, you can spread and manage costs more effectively.

Consider Using Foil Material

Foil printing is very popular for custom labels, but it is also expensive. A relatively economical choice is to print on foil paper instead. The switch makes the process less labor-intensive and reduces the time and cost of adding and changing plates. You can get something similar on a smaller budget.

Choose a Lower Gauge Material

Lower gauge materials such as film, are relatively more economical compared to other materials. Since they are thinner, more can be accommodated on one roll, thus reducing the times the roll needs to be changed. Application costs are reduced, helping you cut and manage costs on a budget.

Experiment with Label Sizes

Reducing the number of rolls required reduces your custom printing costs. This works by reducing the label size so more labels can be printed from one roll. Consequently, you save up on the number of rolls, and the labor required, and end up spending less on each label than before!

Partner with the Label Printing Professionals

An expert professional label printing like M&R Label is your key to making cost-effective business decisions. Designing and printing custom labels are an investment in your product, part of your marketing strategy, and will increase your sales too. While many people think custom labels are always expensive, that’s not necessarily the case for every situation. It may sound counterintuitive for us to help you reduce costs on premium labels, but it isn’t! As an affordable label design and printing service, we’ll help you reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Knowing your product and company, we can help you optimize your labels, offer you the best options unique to your business needs, and help you meet your financial goals. A long-standing partnership can be mutually beneficial for SMB’s like yours and printing vendors like us! But a successful partnership only comes about with trust, a quality product, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service – in which we fulfill all of those categories!

“I have been working with M&R Label for years. They provide quick turnaround times, great pricing and after looking around at multiple vendors I find their product quality and customer service is the best by far. I would highly recommend them for any and all label jobs!” Client Review

Does your business require visually stunning promotional labels that will distinguish your product on a supermarket shelf, where choices are plentiful for picky shoppers? Or maybe your business belongs to a more technical field, where function matters most and detailed information will purchase prime real estate on your product labels?

Whatever the industry you’re in, the M&R Label team has a custom label solution tailored just for you! Ready to get started? At M&R Label, we have the resources and printing capabilities to offer you the best quality custom labels, with innovative techniques. Over the last three decades, we have worked with countless businesses across industries, meeting their printing needs and contributing to their business growth. If you’re looking for an expert printing solution provider, connect with us today to find out how we can help your business thrive!

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