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The Secret to Increasing Product Sales This Year

As we finish up the first month of 2022, now is the time to reflect on 2021 and ask yourself a few questions about your business. What worked, and what didn’t? Are there areas for improvement in the new year? What are my product sales goals for 2022?

For many small to medium sized businesses, 2022 is a new opportunity to increase revenue and reevaluate marketing strategies. Of course you want to make sure that the strategic partnerships you develop this year provide a solid return on investment. A great way to increase your product sales is to invest in high quality custom labels for your products!

Why Are Custom Product Labels Valuable? How Does Product Packaging Affect Our Sales Numbers?

The label and packaging is often the first thing consumers see or notice when they interact with your product. This first impression will make or break a buyer’s decision…it’s vital to make sure your product labels are high quality and represent your brand properly! The proof is in the numbers: businesses report seeing a 30% increase in consumer interest when using premium packaging. Additionally, 40% of consumers are likely to share a photo of interesting packaging on social media. That’s more (and free) exposure for your product!

If increasing revenue is on your 2022 vision board, it’s important to make a great first impression on your target audience with custom labels that inform and impress your potential buyers. This year, take your marketing game to the next level by partnering with M&R Label. We offer comprehensive full-service label printing capabilities and quick turnaround times. Our technology help customers like you you lower costs, save time, and save money. Let’s talk about what that means for you and your business…

Take Advantage of Premier, Cost-Saving Label Printing Capabilities
  • Label Inventory Management: Do you have enough storage space for your product inventory? Do you have the correct amount of labels on hand to match your product inventory? Are the proper number of custom labels being delivered on a timely schedule? These are all important questions. The answers to these questions are much simpler when you allow M&R Label to handle your label inventory management services. Our inventory programs and same-day releases allow our customers to optimize their workflow. Don’t miss a sale or cause a delay because you’ve run out of labels for your product!
  • Variable Data Label Printing: If you work in industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, health & beauty products, or cannabis, you know that sometimes your custom labels need to be adjusted. Let’s say you’re rolling out a new flavor of CBD gummies or need new school logo stickers for students. You’ll likely want to change minor things about your custom label without throwing away the whole design. You may be worried that these slight changes to your design will interrupt delivery schedules, but fret not! M&R Label offers variable data label printing services. Because variable data printing is done digitally, it allows us to change information (variables), such as text, numbers, codes, or images, from one label to the updated design without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Variable data label printing lets you get your updated labels faster and cheaper than if they were done traditionally!
  • Flexographic Label Printing: For our clients with larger orders, we are equipped to handle your requests using a method called Flexographic label printing (commonly referred to as flexo). Flexo printing has several advantages. Press speeds are typically between 180 and 320 feet per minute. This lowers the price per label for you. Flexo printing equipment can be eco-friendly. Water-based inks minimize the environmental impact and reduce the level of toxins released into the air. Learn more about the uses for flexo printing on our blog!
  • Ink Management: Ink management is a vital part of custom label management. Many businesses fall into the trap of ordering too much ink in case of printing errors or even double ordering ink that they already had on hand. Don’t waste your money! M&R Label understands how important ink management is. We have an ink department that has created its own ink management system. This system allows us to mix, measure, and match all colors before we print, ensuring that your colors are sharp and consistent on each one of your custom labels and you are adequately stocked!
  • Label Design: Let us help you stay relevant so your brand doesn’t fall behind. It’s imperative that your labels stand out while also following government regulations. That means including correct nutritional facts, bar codes, QR Codes, and UPCs. Not sure where to start with label design? No worries, that’s where M&R Label comes in! Whether you’re a new brand trying to find the right look, or have an established product ready for a redesign, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has over 30 years of premium label designing experience.
The Secret to Increasing Product Sales this year - M&R Label
M&R Label: Leaders in the Label Industry for 30+ Years…

At M&R Label we pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service and delivering premium custom label services to our clients. Don’t just take our word for it..

“I have been working with M&R for years. They provide quick turnaround times, great pricing and after looking around at multiple vendors, I find their product quality and customer service is the best by far! I would highly recommend them for any and all label jobs.” – Client Review (Jeff G.)

When you choose to partner with M&R Label, you’re choosing to work with a company that has served a wide variety of industries – all across the United States. 30 years of experience has earned us a solid reputation and incredible client relationships. Whether you have an startup CBD business or you’re an established food manufacturer looking to make a bigger splash in the market, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the industries we’ve worked with:

The secret to increasing product sales in 2022 is no longer a secret…
M&R Label has the custom label printing tools and technology to boost your sales and make your products POP!
Partner with us to invest in success this year. Request a quote today!

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