Boost School Spirit with Custom Labels & Stickers! M&R Label

Boost School Spirit with Custom Labels & Stickers!

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Who’s got school spirit? We do! Do you? For educational facilities, faculty, and students, the fall season is known for one thing: back-to-school season! Is your school district or college campus set up for a successful new year? Prepare for another school year in style with custom labels and stickers from M&R Label!

The key to a strong sense of school spirit and secret to successful organic marketing is by making sure your school’s branding is fun and something that everyone wants to be part of. Customized stickers and labels are a unique, fun, and generally inexpensive way to spread school spirit and promote special events at your campus! When students show off school swag, it has been proven to boost their self esteem, help them make friends easier, increase attendance & participation, promotes awareness of your school, and contributes to an overall positive school culture.

The Most Common Educational Labels

Everyone loves stickers! Labels can be created for educational facilities such as school districts, college campuses, and universities alike. Customized labels and stickers can be created for various purposes, such as:

  • Supporting sports teams and important games
  • Promoting special events, such as a dance, play, talent show, rally, or presentation
  • Marketing fundraisers and booster clubs
  • Distinguishing unique clubs and groups
  • Raising school spirit in general
  • Communicating a cause or need

There are many possibilities for utilizing custom labels and stickers for your educational environment. Some may serve purely decorative purposes, while others can be used for student/staff/visitor identification, parking, or organizational labeling. Here are some ideas:

  • Achievement stickers
  • Bumper stickers
  • Binder labels
  • Bike or skateboard stickers
  • Classroom organization
  • Car and window decals
  • Decorating lockers, school supplies, and sports team gear
  • Laptop stickers
  • Name tags for special events
  • Parking permits
  • Shipping or return address labels
  • Student/staff identification
  • Swag bags
  • Team, club, or event memorabilia
  • Visitor passes
  • Voting stickers
  • Wall decals
  • Water bottle labels

Boost School Spirit with Custom Labels & Stickers! M&R Label

Designing the Custom Label that Fits Your Brand

A good brand is always consistent, unique, and tailored to the interests of its audience. Check out a few examples of popular campus branding from Penji and Canny Creative. Encouraging students and faculty to sport your school’s spirit wear, custom stickers, and other fun swag is a MUCH easier feat when you have creative logos, fun fonts, and bright colors to show off! We can help with that!

When designing a custom label or sticker, it’s always important to consider the following questions first: What will this type of sticker or label be used for? What is the purpose of this sticker or label? Is this a long-term, short-term, single use, or seasonal need? Do these require sequential numbers, barcodes or QR codes? Do they include interchangeable graphics? Who will these labels or stickers be used by?

Once your educational facility answers these questions, then it’s time to determine the design! Always utilize your established school branding for consistency. Make sure your label printer has the school style guide to follow for the correct fonts, colors, and logo. Then it’s time to choose the type of sticker/label you want, the size, shape, and material.

While stickers and labels may seem interchangeable, there are slight differences that set them apart – specifically their uses and materials. Stickers are typically created with premium, thick vinyl and typically used for promotional purposes and handed out individually or included with some sort of package or pamphlet. Labels are usually made of a BOPP film and are faster to peel. Appropriate materials and finishes may include High Gloss, White BOPP, White Premium Sticker Paper, White Vinyl, Clear BOPP.

Extras to consider: Many labels and stickers will be exposed to dirty, wet, and oily hands. It’s vital to use waterproof and oil-resistant label materials! Also think about the laminate finish you prefer for long lasting protection, such as gloss or matte. Not sure where to start with the label design? No worries, that’s where we come in! Our experienced team can print any unique font, vibrant color, or image you need – on any type of material and shape! We have the perfect solution waiting for you…

Creative Custom Label and Sticker Solutions for All School Districts, Colleges, and Universities

M&R Label is ready to come up with creative ways to make your school labels WOW students, parents, and faculty! Make your school proud to show off their school spirit with fun and practical stickers that everyone will enjoy. Consider mixing things up and trying different shapes like: rectangles, squares, circles, and ovals. It’s vital to work with a professional, reputable printer that has all the printing capabilities that your labels require to be the highest quality possible – we know we do! High resolution and crisp graphics are subtle details that make all the difference, digital and variable printing can help you accomplish this.

The label design experts at M&R Label have over 30 years of experience helping our customers choose the best solutions possible. We’re proud to create and print stickers and labels for a variety of clients in the educational sector. Ask to see our portfolio for samples. As your chosen custom label printer in Chicago, we guarantee quick turnaround, high quality materials, and creative label design.

Let us make your school stand out from the rest! Boost school spirit this year in a fun way with M&R Label…
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