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5 Ways To Make CBD and Cannabis Labels Stand Out

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According to Quince Market Insights, the global market size of CBD is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 51% from 2021 to 2030. This is great news for CBD shops! To put it bluntly, CBD and cannabis products are in high demand.

Some might say, the bud industry is a budding industry. Your CBD business could have an incredible idea for a new product, but without the right labeling and marketing to make it POP, that idea is half-baked. Weed out your competition by using premium, high quality custom labels that best represent your brand. Use these pro tips in a joint effort with M&R Label’s printing capabilities to make sure you smoke the competition!

5 Ways to Make Your CBD and Cannabis Labels Stand Out

Did you know that Illinois alone is home to over 50 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries? But dispensaries are not the only outlets for cannabis products. CBD products actually have quite a wide reach! In addition to dispensaries and e-commerce stores, they can also be sold in boutiques, grocery stores, health clubs, popular retailers, etc. Are your CBD and cannabis product labels catching the attention of shoppers both online and in-person?

We’d love to help you keep up with the high demand of cannabis product labels! Do you design and/or print your own CBD labels? Have you noticed sales have slowed down lately? It may be time to bring in a custom printing professional to help your business improve in this area with creative label design and help speed up the printing process with quick turnover!

Check out these 5 top tips to make your CBD and cannabis labels stand out from the rest…
  1. Connect with a Niche Market: The CBD and Cannabis markets are very saturated. Narrowing your target demographic can help your product stand out from the crowd. CBD is used for anything from chronic pain to skincare and pet care. Strains of cannabis have different effects. Keep the intended effects of your products in mind when considering your niche audience. Lean in to that niche audience when considering custom labels.
  2. Use Color and Fonts to Draw Attention: Make sure your label has a color scheme that catches the eye of customers. Make your brand pop with vibrant hues and interesting font styles. Or lure customers to your brand with dark and bold tones.
  3. Let Customers Feel Your Product: In many cannabis and CBD storefronts, the products are available for customers to touch. Make use of 3D labels and tactile varnishing to give your products a “feel” and enhance the brand.
  4. Highlight Key Differentiators: You want to display the reason your brand stands out. Your business may take pride in the fact that its products are Vegan, or or are responsibly sourced; perhaps they are GMO free. Don’t be shy, say it loud!
  5. Align with Your Brand: When customers see your CBD and Cannabis products they should immediately know the brand. Achieve this by aligning your product labels with the overall brand as much as possible. Customers should recognize your products’ labeling whether they are buying tinctures, edibles, or flowers.

5 Ways To Make CBD and Cannabis Labels Stand Out - M&R Label Printers

Best Printing Practices for CBD and Cannabis Labels

When it comes to designing custom product labels and choosing the best label printing partner, there’s more to consider than simply how your labels will look. It’s all about the behind the scenes process as well. You’ll need to make sure the label printer offers innovative printing technology.

Whether you’re selling tinctures, sprays, edibles, soft-gel capsules, or topical creams, you need a label that will grab the consumer’s attention! In order to achieve these best practices for high quality labels, your business needs a labeling system that can adjust quickly to slight variances in your custom labels – whether these variables may include flavors, graphics, barcodes, or colors used. M&R Label is your one-stop shop for cannabis and CBD custom labels...

Variable Data Label Printing and Digital Label Printing with our expert team are the way to go. Today’s innovative printing technology has paved the way for faster, more economical methods. Allow us to guide you in incorporating trendy, fresh designs without having to redesign your entire label whenever you need to print a new flavor! Being able to quickly adjust product label design is very important in an industry where regulations often change and new products are being introduced frequently. Enjoy printing crisp, high quality graphics and vibrant colors to make your products stand out!

Aside from the aesthetics, it’s VITAL to make sure your labels are FDA compliant with the latest regulations. When working with a label printer, you’ll need to confirm that they are experts in your industry requirements – we know we are!

Partnering with M&R Label for Success!

When you choose to work with M&R Label, you can be confident that we are experts in designing and printing custom labels. Our 30+ years of experience and talented team are the perfect combination for a successful label printing experience. We have established ourselves as a trusted printing partner and have helped to define what “premium quality” custom labels mean for every industry.

Exceeding customer expectations time and time again is our number one priority! Our motto is: the customer has, and always will, come first. We think of our customers as family and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals and be successful! The M&R Label team is committed to providing impressive labels at a fair cost, along with extensive label printing & design knowledge. We will do whatever you ask of us, not the other way around.

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