how does a beverage get an organic label

How does a Beverage get an Organic Label?

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Do you have an organic beverage to sell? You have to tell your consumers about the organic nature of your product by labeling it as “organic.” However, you cannot name anything organic just because you think it is. You must comply with the standards of the regulatory authority to categorize a product as organic.

How to get USDA organic food certification?

To get the USDA organic food certification for your beverage, you must ensure that your raw material complies with the federal regulations. You must be vigilant of the soil quality, pest control, animal raising practices, and the use of biologically based farming methods.

You must also comply with the additional requirements specifically set for multi-ingredient products. So, for a product to be organically produced, artificial flavors, sugar, preservatives, colors, and other such ingredients must not be a part of the product.

Different conditions of “organic products”:

There are two conditions upon calling products organic, depending on the percentage of organic ingredients used.

If your beverage is made of 95% organic ingredients, then you can get the USDA seal and mark it as organic on the beverage label.

If it has at least 70% of the organic products, then you can use “made with organic ingredients” on the label. Even the remaining 30% of the ingredients cannot be produced using the prohibited practices.

Why is it important to label organic products?

It is essential to label the products organic, as you’ll want to charge a premium price for the effort you put into creating such products. It would not be possible if your beverage isn’t certified by a third party to be organically produced.

Another reason why is organic labeling may make sense is because this category is growing by the day and living a healthy lifestyle lends itself to consuming organic foods and beverages.

Additionally, you can share a detailed list of the organic ingredients while utilizing the organic labeling for your products, helping consumers make healthy lifestyle choices.

Summing up:

To label your product as organic, you have to comply with the regulatory standards set by the USDA. You can follow the standards mentioned above to reach the target customers and sell your beverage as an organic product.

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