How to make a Quilt Label? (Complete Guide)


We think quilt labels are not that important, right?

You can’t only share the quilt care instructions using the labels but also show the word of wisdom or make them a family memoir.

Interesting, right? So, how to make a quilt label? This is the question that we address here in this article.

Types of quilt labels

Here are a few types mentioned to help you in selecting the right label for your quilt:

  • Pierce the label on top
  • Corner pocket Labels
  • Embed fabric framed muslin
  • Use purchased labels

Methods for creating these labels:

There are three main methods for label creating. These include:

  • Writing by hand
  • Machine-created
  • Computer-generated
  • Use of different pens like micron pen and sigma pen

Writing by hand:

In this method, you can write a special note or all the information you want to include in your label. Attach your writing by sewing or sticking it like a label. You can choose the right material to get the perfect labeling at economical cost.

Machine created:

The embroidery machine or the quilt creating matching can also provide you the option of creating labels. Manufacturers producing the quilts at a large scale often rely on this method for naming and labeling the products.


With the modernization in technology, you can also use the computer-generated option. This method provides you with a range of diversity in styling and label design.

Using pens like micron and Sigma pen:

These pens are efficient for drafting and are long-lasting. So, using them for creating your quilt labels would be a wonderful idea, especially if you want a customized label.

What things can you include on your quilt labels?

Depending on the reason for creating the label, you can choose from the following information options you might want to avail:

  1. Date
  2. Name of the quilt manufacturer
  3. Location of creation
  4. Name of the recipient if it is made on demand
  5. The occasion for which it had been specially created
  6. Pattern name
  7. Personal message (if any)
  8. Care Instructions

Summing up:

By following these simple methods, you can choose something amazing and worthwhile that you’ll remember for years. So, try your designing skills now or get help from a professional Chicago label printing company.

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