Make Your Job Easier with Automatic Label Application

Make Your Job Easier with Automatic Label Application

Are you a smaller business that’s quickly expanding? Is your company starting to outgrow the “old way” of doing things? As small-medium sized businesses evolve, your daily operations and processes need to level up as well.

Higher demand for your products =the need to supply more labeled products even faster than before. Don’t get caught with your products out of stock on retail shelves! Is your team still applying labels by hand? What if we told you it’s time to stop?

A growing business can’t afford to do processes like this by hand, having it only slow down production, cause delays and even overlook errors along the way. M&R Label is here to help you save time, increase efficiency, improve quality control, AND eliminate mistakes with automatic label application! Does it get any better?

Applying labels manually is prone to errors, waste, and delays. Let us take this headache (literally) off your hands! If your company is expanding and ready to level up, then it’s time you transition your custom labeling processes from manual to automatic.

The M&R Label team is here to make your job easier. Read on to find out why automatic label application is better for your business and how we can be of service…

Reasons to Stop Applying Product Labels by Hand!

Applying custom labels by hand can be a good approach for small brands who are just getting started. If you have a limited output and time, hand-labeling can help you save costs at first. But as your business grows and expands, there are many drawbacks to this practice and it could hurt your business:

  • Time-Consuming: Hand-labeling is labor-intensive and it takes a lot of time. This time could instead be spent on critical business processes.
  • Inconsistencies: Human errors are inevitable. Some labels may be uneven and skewed. Inconsistent label placement and quality can damage your brand’s image.
  • Higher Costs: Labeling by hand requires time and labor, which add to your costs. In the long run, this method will only prove to be expensive.
  • Staff Shortages: In order to apply labels by hand, you need a good full staff on deck. With employee shortages throughout the country, right now is not a good time to solely rely on manpower. This is where a machine can step in to save the day!

Why Businesses Love the Benefits of Automatic Labeling…

If you want to become a truly successful, profitable, and booming business, switching to automatic labeling is the inevitable choice. It’s a much more efficient, standardized and reliable method that will support your brand’s long-term growth.

Here are some ways automatic label applications can help you:

  • Save Time: Applying custom product labels by hand takes a lot of time, especially if you have large quantities. By automating the process, you can get the job done faster. Also, it frees up your time and you can focus more on other tasks that can’t be automated.
  • Increase Efficiency: Applying labels in larger quantities can be exhausting. Your employees may make mistakes and that’ll only waste labels and time. They’re also bound to take longer when having to fix their mistakes. Machines, on the other hand, make no mistakes. All your custom labels will look the same and will be accurately applied. Your products will look professional and will be done faster too.
  • Eliminate Mistakes: Applying labels manually is also harder and prone to mistakes. They may be uneven and bumpy. It will make your products look sloppy, affecting your brand image. Automatic label applicators ensure that all applied labels are perfect and no mistakes are made.
  • Scale Up: With automatic labeling, scaling becomes easier. Whether you have a small batch or a large one, the process is easily adjustable. It works across various product lines too, helping you scale up rapidly.
  • Enhance Productivity: Hand labeling is a mundane task that wastes your employees. With automation, your talented team will have the time and energy to work on other strategic aspects of the business. They will be motivated and excited and this will support your business growth goals.

Make Your Job Easier with Automatic Label Application

How Does Automatic Label Application Work?

A full-service label printer like M&R Label can help you with automatic label application for your custom labels. Here’s how the process works:

Label Design and Printing

We start with designing a professional custom product label for your brand. We’ve got an excellent design team in-house that’ll help your vision come to life. If you already have the design, our team will guide you about the relevant printing requirements. It is to ensure that your labels are of the highest quality and look extremely professional.

Machine Setup

Based on your labels, we will recommend the best application method. There are 3 common ones – merge, air-blow, and tamp-blow. Merge works great for wrap-around labels for round and cylindrical packaging. Tamp-blow is the best option if your product has an odd-shaped container.

Based on your requirements and the method, the machine will be set up. Our technical team will program the machine so it applies the labels accurately and perfectly onto the products.


With the press of a button, the machine takes over. Your labels will be firmly pasted on the products as they pass through. Regardless of what shape and size your packaging is, we can automate the application process for you.

Before labeling the whole batch, we do a test run to ensure the result is satisfactory. Any changes are made at this point if required.

Quality Control

Before your labeled products leave our facility, we ensure that all products are of perfect quality. Our team has rigorous checks in place to ensure consistency and excellence.

Make Your Job Easier with Automatic Label Application

Partner with M&R Label to Take Your Brand to New Heights!

As your full-service label partner, M&R Label is committed to making your life easier with our comprehensive label services. We can handle all of your printing needs in-house, under one roof! We have over three decades of expertise in designing, printing, and producing high quality, unique labels.

These comprehensive service offerings include the unparalleled convenience of automatic label application. Partner with us for a premium label experience that boosts efficiency, reduces errors, and ultimately elevates your company’s image in the market! Businesses in every industry across the United States rely on M&R for quick turnarounds, excellent customer service, and a superior product.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to quickly meet demand and never miss a shipment to your retailers again? What are you waiting for?
Embrace the future of labeling today! Contact M&R Label to explore how we can transform your labeling process and help your brand thrive.

Is it time to innovate? Trust the experts at M&R Label with all of your labeling needs:

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