What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Labels

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Custom labels can prove helpful in creating a specific brand image within the target market. That’s why companies spend weeks and months designing the best labels.

A good design alone doesn’t fulfil the main purpose of designing labels. The print quality must be high enough to help you get the necessary advantage from your labels. Therefore, it is essential to determine the important factors before ordering custom labels.

Define Your Label Objectives:

Your labels are not random packaging materials. There’s a specific purpose for these labels. So, the first thing you should know before ordering the custom label is that it must have a purpose and a function.

For example, do you want to include a personalized touch to the brand or just comply with the regulatory requirement? Your answer to this question will determine your design choice, the material to use, and the appropriate size.

Choose the Right Label Material:

Next comes the selection of the right label material. It is important because the appropriate labels can add to the custom labels’ durability, appearance, and functionality.

There are various options available regarding the label material, including paper, vinyl, polyester, BOPP, etc. Each material has its own characteristics and can give your custom product label a new meaning.

Also, while selecting your material for the product label, you must determine the product’s environment and intended use. So, you can opt for water-resistant, UV-resistant, or other specialized material types.

Design Considerations:

This stage should be the most crucial stage of your entire planning. Your label must be designed well to grab consumers’ attention; only then can you expect your product to be accepted by the consumers.

Here are the main things you should consider:

Branding – Your custom product design must reflect your brand identity

Color and Graphics – The colors must align with your brand’s identity and evoke consumer emotions to stand out from the competition.

Typography – Legible fonts must be used on the custom label. You can look for a few options depending on your product’s nature.

Label Shape and Size – Packaging dimensions will determine the shape and size of your labels. Creating design prototypes can be a good way to make a decision.

Regulatory Compliance:

While getting your custom labels, you must comply with the regulations and specific standards set. For example, the FDA has a valid policy for the retail food and beverage sector to disclose the ingredients and other important details.

Similarly, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and supplements also have their specific requirements. So, before you get the retail product label, do not forget to understand these requirements in detail.

Label Printing and Quantity:

Now comes another important consideration important before you order the custom labels. You’ll have to choose your labels’ printing method and associated quality.

There are multiple options, including digital printing, offset printing, and flexible printing, each with merits. So, choose the one depending on your requirements.

Label Printing Company Selection:

Irrespective of the type of material you choose for your labels or the printing method, it is important that the company you get the services from is reliable and provides you with the best quality.

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Getting custom labels for your products isn’t easy if you aren’t sure about what you want to achieve with your labels. Once you know your goal, you can choose the appropriate material, printing method, and the right printing company and get your labels for your product.

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