What is BOPP Label Material? When Does It Work Best?

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Finding the right material for labels is necessary to create the desired outlook for your product. Also, it is important to look for the proper material to facilitate storage & shelf life and build the consumer’s perception of the product.

As label material is significantly important, we’ll discuss one of the widely used materials for label printing in Chicago, i.e., BOPP.

What is BOPP, and when it makes the most sense to utilize this labeling material that would be our focus of discussion here in this article.

What is BOPP?

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a plastic film created by melting raw materials on cylinders followed by a rapid cooling process.

Once cooled, the raw material is stretched in both directions. It is done to reduce the thickness and increase the material’s flexibility and strength.

Usually, BOPP is made on rolls and films. With such a setting, storing it in large quantities is possible. In addition, just before the final rolling, the film is subject to flame treatment to make it suitable for inks, adhesives, or metals.

Types of BOPP Label Printing

Below are the main types of BOPP Printing Material:

White BOPP

It is the most common BOPP Label type. Some of the main features of this labeling include durability, moisture resistance, and non-toxicity. In addition, this label printing material is water and oil-resistant, making it feasible for use in multiple industries.

The permanent adhesive associated with White BOPP can also result in quick and strong adhesion on the product where you want to use it.

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP Material is virtually invisible, so you can easily use them on products where you want to include a label while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the no-label product. In addition, these labels are durable and moisture-resistant.

They can be used on glass bottles and dark color containers because of the specific features of clear BOPP labels.

Features of BOPP Labeling Material

Some of the features associated with this material include clarity, durability, and water resistance. You can easily print on this material to give the end user more clarity about the product. Even the look and feel of the product with this labeling type is better than the other options.

Also, BOPP can be used in multiple situations, offering versatility. In addition, the material is cost-effective, which is one of the other reasons for its wide usage across industries.

BOPP Label material can handle stress with great ease. That’s why products with outdoor exposure often use labels made of BOPP.

Moreover, the material resists moisture and chemicals. In addition, the products requiring extremely hot or cold temperatures can also utilize this labeling type to ensure higher retention time on the labels.

Furthermore, BOPP product labels are eco-friendly as they have a comparatively lower carbon footprint than other plastic materials like Polyester.

Industries where BOPP is mostly used

Depending upon the features of BOPP Product labeling highlighted above, the following are the main industries in which BOPP labeling can be the best.

Beverage Industry – BOPP is used for labeling bottled water juices and other beverages. The thinness and flexibility of the BOPP labels ensure that the product beverage label is properly stuck to different bottle types.

Food packaging – Used especially for food items stored in refrigerators or that require microwave usage. It is also considered appropriate for the food industry because of its sealing properties.

Pharmaceuticals – For medicines and syrups as it can ensure high-quality printing

Cosmetics – as BOPP can ensure beauty labels are readable longer, makeup products and creams can be labeled using it. It can easily resist the oil from hands, the product inside, and the shower water.

Packaging – BOPP can be used in wrapping, packaging tapes, and adhesive products.

Medical Equipment – BOPP Labels are immune to chemicals and liquids, so they can stay on the equipment for longer, ensuring higher durability and the necessary resistance.

Summing up

BOPP packaging can help keep the product aesthetically appealing while maintaining the real purpose of including the product labels. The durability and moisture resistance are the main features that make it an excellent choice for various products across industries.

If your product requires these features, you can contact M&R Labels, and we can provide you with labels with BOPP material. Also, we can help you choose the perfect design and other elements to ensure your product looks just as you want.

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