what label shape is right for your product

What Label Shape is Right for Your Products?


We have discussed this many times: every product has unique label needs. When you design the brand, you will have to keep the properties of your product in mind so that the label is most suited and visually appealing.

Many surveys and consumer behavior studies have shown that label design has a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Wouldn’t you want to know what label shape is right for your product? Here is a detailed guide on what the right label shape would be for a particular product.

The various visual elements of any label can trigger subconscious responses in consumers. Many of us perceive the quality of a product by observing the label, which means that careful attention to label dimensions is crucial in crafting effective product labels that resonate with target audiences.

Understanding the Right Label Shape

We all are consumers, and there are many aspects of label design that we can understand through our experiences. However, all brand manufacturers should understand how the shape of the label can make a lasting impression.

After reading the insightful guide, you will be able to select the best label shape, material, and style for your product, keeping the brand personality and consumer preference in mind.

What are Brand Personality And Consumer Preferences?

Packaging design is a pivotal aspect of branding, and sometimes, it can be so impactful that users recognize it from afar.

For example, the colors of the Pepsi label have become the identity of the brand, and for many years, the use of the logo was enough to remind consumers of the brand. The round logo and the colors were used on sponsor ads, outside stadiums, and bleachers, and nobody ever misunderstood the advertisement. If you look around, all old brands have used their label to create an emotional link with the consumers.

However, many startups and small businesses overlook the importance of research in packaging decisions. Today, consumers gravitate towards brands that prioritize both product quality and brand identity, spurred by FOMO (fear of missing out) advertising and social media trends. You may see brand ambassadors, brand music, and longer advertisements, but the attention to details such as logo designs and label selection are often missed out.

Navigating Label Shapes Across Industries

navigating label shapes across industries

Some label shapes and types have become an identity of a particular type of product. The choice of label shape varies across industries, with each shape conveying distinct meanings to consumers. Here is a look into some of the wide consumer good categories:

Food and Beverage Industry:

The rounded food labels are often associated with sweetness, ideal for candies, pastries, and sweetened beverages. You will see a round label on a drink or even a round label on a candy bar more frequently than seeing it on a savory item.

Similarly, angular food labels such as square or rectangular shapes evoke associations with sour, salty, and bitter tastes, suitable for dark chocolate, bitter coffee blends, and sour candies.

Have you noticed that alcoholic beverages such as wine brands have oval, octagon, and rectangle labels and have become so common that we can recognize a hard drink from a distance? Beer label shapes are distinct, with a diagonal banner across the bottle or a rectangular one with a rounded top.


The various cosmetics containing drug components often have rectangular and square labels, which provide ample space for product information. Round or oval cosmetic labels exude a sense of elegance and femininity, which attracts many consumers looking for the same.

Cosmetic labels with combined silhouettes offer versatility while using the brand image, with shapes like stars, hearts, and diamonds being popular. One other thing that is popular with cosmetics is the use of embossed and glittered labels.

Scented Products:

Round-labeled scented products are perceived as more pleasing than angular ones, aligning with olfactory appeal. Different pharmaceuticals and chemical products have rather straight and monotonous-looking labels with simple fonts.

It is as if the companies do not want to reduce the seriousness of pharmaceuticals and chemical products. Rectangular and square labels dominate, providing space for information crucial in these industries.


One-dimensional barcodes are typically on rectangular labels, while two-dimensional barcodes vary in shape based on accompanying information. Warning labels are angular and indicate a higher level of danger than rounded ones, influencing consumer perceptions of risk.


Label material and colors are something that all of us know as consumers, but what label shape is right for your products? While there are no strict rules in label shape selection, understanding consumer preferences and industry norms is crucial in making a mark with your unique product. Moreover, knowing the various kinds of label shapes can prepare you to cut the competition and make it possible for your brand to meet the market standards.

Your label shape should align with both your product type and brand personality while also considering consumer perceptions. We have observed consumer behavior and feedback and discussed the various shapes that are most commonly used for the different kinds of consumer products in the market.

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