A Compelling Case for Double-Sided Labels - MR Label

A Compelling Case for Double-Sided Labels

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Today’s brands are all racing to find cost-effective ways to innovate their operations – without compromising quality. As you probably know, it’s a tall order. When you throw sustainability into the mix as well, it can become even more complicated to check all your boxes and stay within budget.

What if we told you it IS possible to manage all of these expectations without creating waste or sacrificing the end result?

We have just the trick for smaller businesses to keep up with modern trends: double-sided labels!

Double-sided labels have many uses and practical advantages. They also offer your company an edge over your competitors. Wondering how your SMB can benefit from double sided labels from M&R? We’ve got you covered!

Read on to learn why double-sided custom labels are a game changer in the product marketing and packaging world

What are Double-Sided Labels? How Do They Work?

Double-sided labels are exactly what they sound like – printed on both sides. These are a wonderful tool for many reasons, especially because you’ll have more space to offer information. Your company can really be as creative as you want, offering the most innovative experience – through information, story-telling, and design.

But why print on both sides of the labels? When does a situation call for this method? This helps when the packaging has unique shapes or features and hence, may be placed differently on the shelf. With a double-sided label, customers can see information from multiple sides, no matter how the product has been placed or stored. Branding is visible and ready to catch the customers’ wandering eyes!

A Few Key Benefits of Double-Sided Labels…
  • Maximize space: With double-sided labels, you can make use of both sides of the label, maximizing the space available for information.
  • Cost-effective: Since double-sided labels offer twice the space, you can save money on the number of labels you need to print.
  • Eco-friendly: Using double-sided labels means less paper waste, making it an eco-friendly option.
  • Convenience: Double-sided labels are perfect for products that need to display information in multiple languages. You can print the same information on both sides, each in a different language, making it more convenient for international customers.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Double-sided labels provide a sleek and professional look to your product packaging.
  • Easy to apply: Double-sided labels are easy to apply and can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Versatile: Double-sided labels can be used for a variety of products, from food and beverage packaging to personal care items and more.
A Compelling Case for Double-Sided Labels - MR Label
Examples of Products & Industries That Use Double-Sided Labels:
  • Beverages: Wine and beer bottles can use such labels for story-telling. Brands can add information – notes and stories – on one side and processes on the other.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics brands have to offer a lot of information to customers – ingredients, allergens, user instructions, etc.—which they can offer by using these double-sided labels.
  • Health and Wellness: By law, such products need to have all the relevant information on their labels for customers to see. Double-sided labels offer the extra space required to publish all the information.
  • Luxury Products: Luxury product packaging becomes more luxurious through the creative use of double-sided labels.

Making Custom Double-Sided Labels

Double-sided labels need careful designing and printing so they meet their purpose. In order to make custom double-sided labels (successfully), we recommend partnering with a professional (like us) for the following process:

  1. Designing: Double-sided labels are creative and informative when designed well. We always suggest working with a professional designer to create the labels with you. At M&R Label, we have an expert design team that works closely with you to create a premium, unique label that displays information creatively and accurately.
  2. Ordering: After finalizing the design, the order is ready to be printed. This involves deciding the size and quantity of the labels, along with any specifications you have about the printing method, materials, finish, and so forth.
  3. Pre-Press Review: This stage is essential! Don’t skip the pre-press review to make sure the resolution, sizing, grammar and ink are all correct. Otherwise you may find yourself with unusable labels and a wasted budget. A small batch is test printed to ensure that your labels are eye-catching and of the highest quality. Luckily we take care of this for our clients – in house!
  4. Printing: Once our team knows your demands, we’ll start printing your custom double-sided labels to perfection! M&R Label offers a variety of innovative printing techniques to meet the demands of every customer.
  5. Application: While most label service providers stop at printing, we offer our customers another advantage – we can apply your labels in-house! That’s right, we go the extra mile. This ensures that your labels are perfectly placed and it saves your team time.

M&R Label is your premier full-service printer, meaning we offer our clients convenient printing solutions from start to finish. From design to application, we have experts on board that are proud to handle all your labeling needs, so every customer ends up with a high-quality product and a seamless experience.

A Compelling Case for Double-Sided Labels - MR Label
Materials Commonly Used for Double-Sided Labels

Double-sided labels require the label material to be durable. The material must also support your creative design to make sure it’s visually appealing. Materials also change depending on the application and purpose:

  • Adhesive paper is the best choice for clients looking for cost-effective options.
  • Film labels are a popular choice for products that are likely to come into contact with moisture, such as cosmetics or beverages.
  • Specialty paper works best for luxury products, as they enhance the look and feel of the label.

Partner with M&R Label for Double the Fun!

The retail landscape is competitive, and smaller brands may find it hard to gain momentum. How can you compete with national brands and stand out? Despite a more limited budget, we know the secret to breaking through the competition!

It starts with being innovative and adapting to the latest trends. M&R Label makes it easy for companies like yours by offering premium, high quality product labels without breaking the bank. As a full-service label provider, we offer the best capabilities and expertise in the industry – everything from choosing the best adhesive to applying your labels for you!

Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, helping them design professional, unique labels. If your business is searching for a cost-effective labeling solution that won’t compromise quality or design, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with M&R’s 5-star team to find out how we can help you thrive with double-sided labels.

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