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Why is BOPP a Popular Label Material?

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Custom label materials play a crucial role in brand identity, product packaging, and marketing. Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, cosmetics, or CBD/cannabis, your label is the first point of contact between your product and the consumer. Choosing the right label material is not only essential in the overall label design, but it can make or break a successful label depending on what your product is and what kind of conditions the label needs to withstand.

Choosing the right label material can ensure that your product stands out on the shelf (or via your virtual store) and lasts in many different kinds of environments. The last thing you want is a label that smears when touched by oily fingers, or melts in extreme heat. Or maybe sustainability is important to your company mission and you need a recyclable material. In this blog, we’ll explore a very specific (and popular) custom label material called “BOPP” and the many benefits…

What is BOPP Label Material?

BOPP or “biaxially oriented polypropylene” (A tongue twister if I ever saw one!) is polypropylene polymer. This popular label material is called “biaxially oriented” because it stretches in two directions. The material comes with a strong adhesive on one side and can be used to make sheet or roll labels. The best part about using BOPP label material is that it’s highly versatile and can be used for all industries, such as food, healthcare, beauty, etc., and BOPP mostly covers it.

BOPP custom labels are popular among all industries because they are more affordable than the competition, highly resistant to water and oil, and the strongest label material available. BOPP Labels offer more finishing treatment options compared to other types of labels. You can choose between gloss or matte depending on your requirements. As a full-service label provider, we can sing BOPP’s praises all day long for how easy and versatile it is. However, don’t just take our word for it. Read on to learn about its many benefits for your industry and judge for yourself.

Types of BOPP Labels

Let’s talk about versatility. As mentioned above, BOPP custom labels are popular due to their versatility across a variety of industries and applications. You can choose from various BOPP label materials available, depending on the look you intend for your product. For example:

White BOPP Labels: White BOPP custom labels are the most common choice for almost all industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This material has a strong permanent adhesive. The white BOPP material is ideal for branding, logo printing, and adding text and images to customize the label. You can use almost any color combination as the base is white, and all colors shine bright on white.

Clear BOPP Labels: Next up are clear BOPP labels; these offer more or less the same resistance and toughness for oil and water as the white base. However, these labels are transparent, so they show the color of the packaging underneath; this can limit the color combinations you may choose for your logo and branding to some extent. But the transparent BOPP material makes it an ideal label for clear decals for store windows or display cases.

Chrome Silver and Gold BOPP labels: BOPP material has a large variety of finishes, such as chrome (silver) and gold BOPP material. These are ideal for luxury products, the skin care industry, and the cosmetic industry; since they are vibrant and light-catching, they can instantly alleviate the look of your product. If you’re looking for a WOW factor, you can add a ​​silvery sheen or a deep golden tint with the help of these custom label designs.

Despite their difference in appearance, all these BOPP labels are strong, water and oil-resistant, and will last longer than any other labels in the market. Take it from the label professionals; you need these for your premium products!

Why is BOPP a Popular Label Material - MR Label

Top Benefits of BOPP Labels

BOPP labels have plenty of benefits. Here are our top four favorites to share…


Food, wine, and products exposed to moisture (like bathroom accessories), need strong, highly moisture-resistant labels. Custom labels designed using BOPP film are highly resistant to cold water, humidity, and moisture without losing their adhesive or print. If your product is likely to be exposed to water or moisture, BOPP custom labels are what you need.

Low Toxicity

Toxicity is a significant concern in the food and hygiene product industries. This is why BOPP is highly popular in these fields. BOPP does not emit harmful gasses, polypropylene dust, or flakes. This makes it ideal for use in the healthcare and food industries. The material is safe to handle and does not require any special protocols.

Variable Translucency

Various product containers and boxes may have different finishes, and therefore require a variety of label finishes, such as transparent, white, or metallic. BOPP is an excellent choice in this regard because it offers white, transparent, and metallic bases, including silver and gold, to accommodate your product’s finish. These various finishes make it an ideal choice for cosmetics and food containers.

Strong Adhesive

Your product is not only a way to market your brand, but the logo on your labels is also a way to attract customers and help them remember your brand. Therefore, you need a strong and environment-resistant material. By investing in BOPP, you can have peace of mind knowing that your label is securely attached to your product like a second skin. This is especially important for curved and abrasive containers, or sports equipment.

Common Applications for BOPP Labels

Here is a list of use cases for which BOPP is a popular choice. These will help you determine if BOPP material is an ideal choice for your product.

  • Beverage packaging: BOPP material is ideal for beverage packaging due to its high water resistance and the strong adhesive for curved containers like wine bottles.
  • Food products: The grade F1 films are ideal for the food industry, including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care: Due to the versatile finishes and economical cost, BOPP is very popular with the cosmetic industry.

The experts at M&R Label have over three decades of label design + print experience, and we feel strongly that BOPP label materials are an excellent choice! They offer various finishing treatment options, are highly resistant to water and oil, and are the strongest label material available. BOPP label materials can match your product label and printing needs to perfection.

As your full-service label partner, we want what’s best for your product. The customer always comes first. Let us turn your label goals into reality! And for that, BOPP custom labels are our number one choice. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your brand outshine the competition.

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