What Are Tamper-Proof Security Labels?

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What do you do to prevent tampering with a package or unauthorized opening? You will need tamper-proof security labels, but what are tamper-proof security labels? We will discuss the different kinds of security labels and ensure that readers understand what they can do to prevent any unwanted changes from occurring.

Tamper-proof labels ensure product safety, and you can use them to secure the supply chain. These security labels can be of various sizes and colors and are suitable for any application, including retail businesses. However, before you consider implementing them in your supply chain model, there are some things you must know.

The Different Types of Tamper-Proof Labels

The types of tamper-proof labels include tamper-evident labels and destructive security labels. You must understand what each of these labels mean.

Tamper evident labels are the ones that show signs of clear trespass or any alteration. These labels indicate if anyone has tried to open or tamper with the products. It is impossible to remove these labels without indicating tampering.

These labels have hidden images or broken messages that will give away the tampering easily. These labels are used for food, medicines, and all kinds of products consumers trust if not opened. There can be many kinds of patterns and texts on labels that will indicate that there has been tampering. Some of these labels also have a shiny layer, which changes color if the seal is broken.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defined tamper-evident labels in their requirements. According to the FDA, any label with one or more indicators or barriers showing the breach is a tamper-proof label.

Moreover, the FDA believes that the tamper-proof label must have a distinct design and should be used to show visible proof if and when the product is tampered with or the seal is broken. These labels are used in cosmetics, food, and many other industries, and they all follow the regulations and guidelines of the FDA. FDA-compliant packaging has tamper-evident tags that all users must fulfill.

The other kind of tamper-proof labels are destructible security labels. This kind of label is a seal or a lid placed to cover any pack’s contents. If removed, the packaging is compromised, and the product is exposed.

These labels are fragile and attached to the lid so that if anyone tries to open the jar, bottle, or container, this seal breaks and the buyer can instantly tell that the product is not fresh or has been tampered with. The security features for destructible security labels are holograms, serial numbers, and prints that cannot be copied due to their intricacies and hidden codes or motifs.

These labels are most commonly used for food and medicines, which must only be purchased if vacuum-sealed and double-locked with the security label. Moreover, banks, government institutions, and other businesses require additional security.

Are There Any Hybrid Security Labels?

Some of the food or other business labels may have double security labels that include the features of destructible labels and tamper-evident labels. For example, a bottled beverage can be in a bottle with a cap that has a plastic ring joining it to the bottle.

When you remove this tamper-proof label, another seal has to be removed or destroyed before you access the drink.

Brittle, frail, and printed materials make this label work on the destructible and tamper-evident seal. The tamper-evident seal has two parts: the frangible face material and permanent adhesive. The frangible face material consists of a thin material that can break easily.

On the contrary, the permanent adhesive is a vital component. You can see particular patterns, logos, or printed adhesive seals with hidden images only when the frangible face material breaks. If this seal breaks, there is evidence of tampering with the product.

The Different Uses of Tamper-Evident Stickers

There are many kinds of tamper-evident stickers used for different types of products. Perforations and security cuts labels are stickers with perforated textures or cuts. When such labels are tampered with, there are apparent markings on the perforated material, or the plastic has jagged ends, which openly mark signs of tampering.

Another kind of tamper-evident sticker, or label, is the total-transfer label. This label has hidden prints and text statements such as Opened, Void, etc. If you can see this text, the product is opened and should not be used. Laser engraving and intricate pints are also in detailed labels, which may have barcodes or serial numbers.

Which Label To Choose?

There is no restriction on the type of label that would be most suited to your products. If you feel that only tamper-evident labels are needed, you can use them. However, if food, or pharmaceuticals are inclined towards using hybrid, or double tamper-proof labels to ensure that their customers feel safe and there is no contamination of the contents.

Another reason to choose any label of choice is to ensure that the customers do not feel doubtful or suspicious about the items. Sometimes, if there are too many labels and seals, it can make customers turn towards another product.

For example, clothes or products other than consumer goods might not require a double seal, and customers might turn to another brand that does not require too many seals to open! All brand owners must use labels according to the requirement.

Any less or more could make customers doubt the brand. Some insecticides and germicides do not have any seals and that is what makes them unreliable names in the market. Labels play a vital role so make sure you spend on selecting the right kind of labels to win customers’ trust.


Tamper-proof labels are a good way of keeping products safe while ensuring that customers buy new and fresh items. The different kinds of tamper-proof labels include destructible security labels and tamper-evident labels.

You can decide the type of label that your business and product needs. The FDA insists on tamper-proof labels to ensure customer satisfaction. These labels are used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, and chemicals. To get your labels in Chicago, contact us today or request a quote!

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