Ways to Use Dissolvable Labels


Nowadays, people are mostly looking for sustainable packaging that provides an effective eco-friendly solution to use for everyday life. If you have been looking for effective eco-friendly packaging ideas, you must have heard of dissolvable labels. Let’s discuss what this term means and various ways to use dissolvable labels.

Dissolvable labels are crafted from water-soluble paper label stock, designed to completely disintegrate in water without leaving any adhesive residue. This property makes them a great option for many users who do not want the hassle of disposing of labels.

Moreover, it also simplifies the process. Unlike traditional labels, they dissolve within 30 seconds or less time of exposure to water. The best part is that you will not need to heat the water before washing. These labels prove particularly beneficial for reusable containers subjected to regular washing or containers with frequently changing contents or expiration dates.

 How are dissolvable labels good for the environment?

Dissolvable labels are eco-friendly because they’re biodegradable and dissolve in water. They can even help with recycling PET plastics because they wash away completely without leaving any sticky residue behind. Plus, they eliminate the need to manually remove and dispose of labels, which can help cut down on waste and pollution. Removing a paper label means removing it from the container or packaging, and then removing the adhesive. These adhesives can contain harmful chemicals as well. If you use a dissolvable label, the adhesive also washes off, and there is no residue on the container or package.

Using dissolvable labels 

Dissolvable labels are handy for many purposes, and you can rely on them to do their work while being easy to clean. Here are some common uses of dissolvable labels:

Kitchen containers:

Many people label food containers or plastic bags that are put away in the freezer. For this purpose, some people use markers, which means that the container cannot be used again for any other item. Moreover, these markers can have toxic ink, which makes them harmful. Dissolvable labels are great for labeling food containers at home or in restaurants. You can mark them with dates for fresh food or leftovers and then easily wash the labels off in the dishwasher or by hand without leaving any residue.

Medical facilities:

One of the most vital uses of dissolvable labels is in the field of medicine. Every patient’s medication, food, and even lab testing samples and specimens need to be labeled appropriately for precision. These labels help keep track of medical equipment, labeling medication, or marking expiration dates on medical packaging. They save time by quickly labeling and removing reusable surfaces and containers.

Daycare and school:

Parents constantly worry about using plastic for their children and often will search for biodegradable options that do not create a mess. You can use dissolvable labels to mark food containers, bottles, or even sippy cups for your daycare or school-going children. Using these labels makes it easier to wash off, and no extra time or cleaning material is required. You can reuse the containers while making sure that your child gets to read a fresh label every day.

Gifting Ideas:

Dissolvable labels are perfect if you’re giving gifts in reusable containers like jars or bottles. They can add a personalized touch without leaving a mess when removed. The recipient will feel important as you choose to label the gift without making them go through the tedious routine of cleaning!

Dissolvable labels are a great choice whenever you need to label something for reuse without the hassle of scrubbing off old labels. They make your life easier without making you feel guilty about adding toxicity to the environment.


Dissolvable labels do not have to be used for storage, food, or gifting purposes only. You can use this water-dissolvable paper to be used as stickers for your brand products. Many retailers sell items in jars, tin boxes, and even cardboard boxes. If you use a dissolvable label, it will show off your brand name. You can stick them on your products with a thank you message or maybe details of ingredients, expiration, or a reminder. Customers can reuse the packaging after washing it and the label will disappear when they get wet.

Food Labels:

Water-soluble and easily removable labels are great for organizing the pantry. As we mentioned earlier, these food labels work well in the kitchen and you can use them for labeling jars and bottles of grains. After any jar is emptied, cleaning it will prepare it for any new item that you want to store. Stick these labels to your food containers and customize your pantry to look good.

Canned Goods:

These labels are eco-friendly, so they’re perfect for labeling preserved foods. They help you keep track of what’s in your pantry without harming the environment. You can add reminders about using a particular product before the one you bought later.


We mentioned how people can use these labels to mark products they make. If you are introducing soaps or any other essential use items in the health and beauty sector, you can make the label and send it to customers who can use the packaging by washing off the label. You can even use the label directly on soap. Your customers won’t need to peel it off. It dissolves the first time they use it, especially with a little scrubbing. They’re perfect for products like shower gels and shampoos.

Bottles and Drinking Containers:

We may have mentioned the same items earlier, but the purpose of mentioning them separately is to ensure readers understand the vast use of dissolvable labels. Glass bottles and containers can often be used again or recycled. You can use these bottle labels on them, and customers can wash them off, reducing waste. Then they can use the bottle however they like. These labels are good for the environment and are made with sustainable materials. Using them can show customers that you care about the planet.


There are many ways to use dissolvable labels, but did you know that there are many benefits also? We have discussed numerous uses of these labels which will help you make your life easier while responsibly contributing to a better lifestyle and environment.

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