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Expert Product Labels in Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning season is here and consumers are ready to get their homes in tip top shape! Let’s make sure your business capitalizes on this time of the year. Your products should jump off the shelves and into their carts.

Your customers might run a factory, restaurant, retail store, or warehouse, but one thing is for certain – high quality industrial cleaning products are a must! Your customers need their floors to sparkle, their bathrooms to be sanitary and their work environments to be safe.

Your cleaning products should have a professional look that informs and excites. A great way to do this is with expertly crafted product labels. In this blog, we will discuss cleaning product label requirements, best practices to make your custom labels stand out, and why M&R Label is the premier printing partner to assist you with your product labeling needs!

Cleaning Product Label Requirements and Best Practices:

Before we jump into making your cleaning product labels impress, we have to cover the fundamentals. The rules and regulations for cleaning product labels come from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA. The following information is required on all cleaning products:

  • Name, Address, and Telephone Number: Contact information for the manufacturer, importer, or responsible party.
  • Product Identifier: Chemical name, code name, or batch number.
  • Signal Word: Danger (less severe) or Warning (more severe).
  • Hazard Statement: Describes the nature of the hazard.
  • Precautionary Statement: How to prevent or minimize risk from using the product.
  • Pictogram(s): You must display one or several of the nine pictograms that represent the danger posed by the product

Now that we know what is absolutely necessary on all cleaning products, let’s discuss what customers are looking for on the product labels. These bits of information are not necessarily required by law, but they should absolutely be easy to find on your label:

  • Ingredients: Most customers will want to know what ingredients make up the cleaning products they are introducing to their home or business, especially when chemicals are involved. This is especially important when you’re selling green cleaning products. List your ingredients in order from the highest percentage used to the lowest percentage used.
  • Directions: Providing clear, concise directions lets customers know the best way to use your product. Do they spray, mix with water, scrub, or simply wipe? Does your product have more cleaning power if left on the surface for a period of time, or should they test it in a small, inconspicuous area first? Share whatever information will help the end user get the most out of your product.
  • First Aid: Following your caution statement, include a section for first aid instructions. What action should the user take if they accidentally ingest the product? What is the next step if the user gets your product in their eyes? If necessary, let the user know if they should call poison control.
  • Storage: Unless your product is safe for children, be sure to state “keep out of reach of children.” Beyond this warning, think about your container and its contents — is it combustible, are there temperature limits, or does leaving in direct sunlight or puncturing the container increase any risks?
  • Disposal: When the user is done with your product, can they simply throw the container in the trash or recycling, or are there any special considerations they should be aware of? If you have a great spray bottle, are there any risks if the users refill it with another product? You may want to suggest rinsing the container or share a warning if it’s unsafe to reuse the container. Also be sure to note if the container is approved for recycling.
Expert Product Labels in Time for Spring Cleaning - MR Label Printers
Spring Clean, Spring Sheen

When it comes to industrial & chemical products, labels must be durable and eye-catching. Whether you’re labeling dangerous chemicals in the warehouse or selling household chemicals in the store, the design goals for these labels are the same. Industrial and chemical product labels need to include legal disclaimers for proper use, warning symbols, list of active and inactive ingredients, instructions, and of course colorful branding that customers trust! We consider this combination of thoughtful planning as “responsible labeling practices”.

Brand loyalty is king amongst cleaning product consumers. Most consumers find one or two brands they trust, and stick with them for a long time. This means your custom labels should convey your brand identity in a way that’s memorable and informative. Greenprint’s Business of Sustainability Index found that 64% of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products but 74% don’t know how to identify them. According to the findings, 78% of people are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labeled as environmentally friendly. So, if your business takes the time to ensure your products are sustainably sourced, make sure your potential consumers know that information as soon as they see your product in stores. Use minimalistic label design, incorporate some green or neutral colors, and work with M&R Label to make your label design stand out!

Label Design and Durability are Key

Your labels should be as durable as your products. They need to be able to withstand the outdoor elements and diverse conditions that industrial and chemical labels face everyday. Household cleaning products are typically stored in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens where they are exposed to all types of temperatures, water, humidity, and so forth. We can provide the necessary stock, inks and coating that are perfect for your application. M&R Label highly recommends waterproof and oil resistant labeling materials for long-term durability.

Cleaning labels must be tough enough to withstand the environments they’ll be used in. We recommend choosing White Vinyl, or White, Clear, Metallic, or Holographic plastic. These materials are made to resist a variety of chemicals and abrasion, as well as withstand extreme temperatures.

From paint and chemical bins, to exposed electronics and appliances, to many other items, our team can help design and produce a label that will not only look good, but also hold up in any condition. M&R Label combines acute technical detail with the most advanced printing technologies the industry has to offer. We will work with you to design a label that coincides with your company’s branding while also appealing to consumers. Our advanced Digital printing and flexographic printing technologies plus quick turnaround times set us apart from the competition. We can print any size, shape, or color graphics based on your needs. M&R Label will work with you to create a chemical product label you’re proud of!

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