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Safe, High Quality Labels for Household Cleaning Products

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When it comes to purchasing cleaning products, there are two important things consumers keep in mind. First: is it a quality product that gets the job done well? Then the second thing to consider: is it child-proof to keep the little ones safe? This means tamper proof seals, clear warning labels (especially if toxic chemicals), and child-proof caps & lids. While labeling household cleaning products for consumers, it’s vital to consider the buyer’s home environment to prevent leaks or accidental consumption by children.

There are countless household cleaning products that contain toxic and potentially deadly chemicals if used improperly, such as bleach or turpentine. The most common culprits include: all purpose cleaners, specialty cleaners, floor & furniture cleaners, dusting products, disinfectant solutions, and many others. These chemical solutions pose threats can be 100% prevented from causing damage. How? By ensuring all products have clear warning labels. Plus it doesn’t hurt to remind consumers to keep products out of reach of children as a disclaimer!

Guidelines for Custom Cleaning Product Labels

While there aren’t official laws and regulations for the cleaning industry in the United States as a country, requirements do vary state to state based on where they are manufactured and sold. Household cleaning product labels need to be both durable and attract the attention of consumers. Successful labels showcase legal disclaimers for proper use, warning symbols, list of active and inactive ingredients, instructions, and of course colorful branding that shoppers will recognize! We consider this combination of thoughtful planning as “responsible labeling practices”. Custom cleaning product labels must be effective, efficient, and creative.

“In the United States, these products must meet labeling requirements as established through the current system of risk evaluation and risk-based labeling under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) regulations for consumer products and administered by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Through the FHSA regulations, the point of purchase label informs consumers about the potential hazards, product ingredients contributing to those hazards, appropriate handling and storage, and applicable first aid information.” Cleaning Institute

Safe, High Quality Labels for Household Cleaning Products - M&R Label

Expert Tips for Labeling Household Chemicals

  • Use Symbols for Labeling Toxic Products: Not everyone can read, especially young children. Including graphic “scary” symbols such as a skull and crossbones or depicting injuries easily conveys that the product can pose a danger to any user. We recommend printing bright reds and yellows to attract attention to these warnings.
  • High Quality Graphics and Branding: Working with a professional label printer is a smart way to ensure superior label design using the most innovative printing technology of the industry today! We suggest you opt for vibrant, bright colors, exciting fonts, and fun images to grab consumer attention!
  • Including the Important Information: This section is for making sure both the consumer are safe and that your company is protected from a lawsuit if the product is misused or mislabeled. At M&R Label, we are very well educated on what needs to be included on toxic cleaning product labels, such as active/inactive ingredient lists, manufacturer name & contact info, instructions for proper use, first aid directions in the case of an accident, batch number, barcode, etc.
  • Choosing the Right Materials: Cleaning products are typically stored in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens where they are exposed to all types of temperatures, water, humidity, and so forth. These labels require waterproof and oil resistant labeling materials for long-term durability. You may even opt for a high-gloss laminate to protect custom cleaning product labels further!
We can print high quality custom product labels for household chemicals of any shape, size, and material you need! Our advanced Digital printing and Flexographic printing technologies plus quick turnaround times set us apart from the competition. M&R Label will work with you to create a chemical product label you’re proud of!
Are you ready for a superior label solution unique to your company? We are awaiting your call and ready to start the presses!

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