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5 Candle Label Trends That You Don’t wanna Miss Out


With the Christmas season approaching, the demand for candles has increased significantly. Whether you market homemade candles for selling in the local market or want to gift some beautiful candles to your loved ones, the candle label trends must be of utmost importance to you.

Candle labels can create the entire image of the product. You wouldn’t like to spoil your candle’s entire aura just because you did not pay much attention to its labeling.

To help you make your candle labels trending and worthwhile, here are the five candle label trends to make your candles look lovely.

Hand labeling

Hand labeling is a unique style that lets you add a touch of personalization to every candle. It is specifically helpful for candle makers adopting the DIY Approach for candle-making. You won’t have to look for a professional company to do a few labels, thus making it look better and highly customized.

Vintage labeling

Like any other product, you can make your candle labeling vintage-style too. The rustic elegance of the vintage candle style will automatically get into the candles when adopting this candle-label style.

Such a label is best to follow when your candles’ fragrance can also depict the old style. However, it is not essential and just a suggestion to get the most out of this labeling trend.

Canvas bag labeling

One of the unique ways of labeling your candle is using canvas bags. Put your candles within. Tie it beautifully on the top with a ribbon and hand stamp the canvas bag to create a branded outlook.

The canvas bags are quite cost-effective. They’ll help you set up a unique trend and ensure you don’t face higher costs.

Hang Tags

Another way to give a unique look to your candle labels is through hang tags. These candle labels can be perfect when your candles are in a jar. You can use a string or design your labels so they can be hung around the bottle properly.

Ensure that the paper quality is high, as these labels will be at a higher risk of wear and tear.

Customized labeling

You can also opt for customized candle labeling to give an even more unique touch. Let your customers decide what they want on the label. It can be their name, drawing, favorite quote, or birthday wish.

Adopting such a candle label trend will boost your reputation in the market and automatically tag your candles as premium ones.

You can even adopt this candle labeling trend if you have a vast social or business circle that you want to give candles as a gift. On such a large scale, you don’t have to customize your candles on your own; instead, you can hire a professional label printing company for this purpose.

Summing up:

You can utilize these five candle label trends to make your candle look unique and better than similar products. M&R Labels can help you create custom label designs and print them perfectly.

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