Which Hair Product Shows Hair Type on the Label?


Have you made a new hair serum or oil based on the traditional ingredients or scientific research? Well, you might be looking for its commercial sale as hair care product usage is always in demand. In that case, you should add a clear label on the product to highlight the ingredient, purpose, and best usage.

In this article, we’ll highlight the labeling of the hair products and the need of mentioning the hair type:

Hair products are part of cosmetics:

By the definition of cosmetics as discussed by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, cosmetic is anything applied to the body that can cleanse, beautify, promote attractiveness, or alters the appearance.

So, when analyzing this definition, all sorts of hair products, including hair shampoos, soaps, serums, oils, and dyes, are part of the cosmetics. These products have to abide by the labeling requirements set by the federal act.

These labeling requirements include the list of raw materials, weightage, usage, and safety instructions.

Which hair products need to mention hair types on the label?

By law, the hair product labels don’t have to highlight the hair type for which a particular product is.

But it seems rational to attract the right customer base for the product. So, you can find the hair type mentioned on shampoos, serums, conditions, and other such products.

With the clarity in the nature of the product, the claimed impact of the product can be seen. Besides, it makes shopping easier for the customers.

Wrapping up:

So, if you are creating a hair product, you might not need to mention the hair type specifically by law, but we will recommend you state it on the label to get higher sales and better revenue.

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