What is Required on Soap Product Label?


Many of you might consider soap labels part of the general health and beauty industry. We do not deny it to be part of the category, but you cannot only rely on the general labeling rules for the beauty sector levied by the federal authorities.

Soap is a prominent product in the industry. It has some special requirements to be mentioned as part of the labeling process. In this article, we’ll discuss these requirements so you can come up with a perfect label for your soap.

Which authority governs the soap labels?

Consumer Product Safety Commission is the authority governing the rules and regulations regarding soaps. According to this authority, below three are the essential requirements on a label:

  • Specific wording that highlights the product to be a “soap.” Words like moisturizing, exfoliating, etc., are not permitted.
  • Business name and address
  • Net weight of the soap

What else can you include?

The legal authority dealing with soap labels only requires you to mention the above details. However, you can print a few other things to enhance your credibility with the customers. These include:

Soap ingredients:

You can list the soap ingredients in descending order of predominance (it is the FDA guideline for labeling ingredients on products. These guidelines do not apply to soaps, but it is an industry norm to follow them).

Providing soap ingredients can let your customers identify raw materials capable of causing allergic reactions on their skin; thus, they can avoid it altogether. It might lessen your sales, but you can enhance customer satisfaction and the overall brand image associated with your product.

Before and after item weight:

The raw material you put in might not reflect exactly in the output. You can share the changes in the raw material use and their contribution to the final product on the label. As discussed already, this is not necessary by law, but explaining such information on the tag can enhance your brand image.

Usage instructions:

Not every product is similarly used. So it is highly recommended to provide your customers with complete instructions to use your soap. It ensures that the customers get the best results from your product, thus making them purchase your product repeatedly. It is essential to mention it on your soap product labels.

Summing up:

With all this information available, you can use your soap labels efficiently and provide maximum knowledge about your product and its usage to the customers. They are surely different from the hand sanitizer labels, so do not forget to give them special importance.

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