How to Make Product ID Barcode on the Label?


Launching a new product in the market is not simple. It requires you to manage several factors other than the production. Labeling is one of them. Even within the labeling domain, there are various things you need to take care of.

You need to facilitate your customers to purchase the product too. It is possible if you include the barcode labels. With barcodes on your labels, point-of-sales scanning of the products gets easier for your customers and the store, increasing your opportunities to showcase your new product even in reputed superstores.

You might have learned it already, along with the difference between the bar codes and QR codes, but now the question is how to make a product ID barcode on a label. And you’ll get the answer to this question in this article.

Steps to make product ID barcode label:

Getting your barcode and printing it on the label is simple. You must know what your product is and which category it belongs to, i.e., food, beverage, cannabis, health, supplements, etc. There are sub-categories as well that you should be aware of.

Create your product code:

The product code is a unique combination of symbols and sequences associated with your product. It consists of two types, including UPCs (Universal Product Codes) and SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

Let’s elaborate on UPCs and SKUs:


These are the globally recognized codes, consisting of 8-12 digits (numeric only). With these digits come the bars, which are readable at the Point of Sales.


These are often used internally within the organization. The SKUs have eight digits normally.

Make your barcode:

Once you have your UPC setup, you need to convert it to the barcode. There are online barcode generators to help you convert your UPC to the barcode that can work in the point of sales system.

Print your barcode labels:

Now you have barcodes ready, you just have to print them and paste them to your product. Laser and Inkjet printers are the best machines to use for this purpose.

Paste them on your products:

The only thing left in the process is to paste these bar codes on your products. You can use the adhesives. Their quality depends on the material used or printing and the packaging type. Now, your product is ready to go through the point of sales systems.

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