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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Label Adhesive

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Selecting the suitable label adhesive is part of the label printing process and can impact the final product. Labels are essential for all kinds of products.

Whether it is a consumer good, a food item, or a health supplement, labels go on every pack and the right kind of label adhesive will determine how customers view the product.

Labels may be for nutrition or product information, but if they could be more appealing, they can be the deal breaker when it comes to winning customers.

Here are some tips on selecting the suitable label adhesive, but you must know the different types of labels first.

The Different Types of Labels


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There are different grades of label adhesive, and here is a brief description of each:

  • General adhesive: The general adhesive is the most common and can be used on various materials. It is applied to clean and dry surfaces and stays in place. However, dust, debris, and moisture can cause damage to these labels.
  • Removables: Removable adhesive is the peel-off label on various consumer goods. These labels can be removed easily and do not leave behind any paper residue. If you offer goods that need the labels to change frequently, these should be your choice. Nowadays, there are eco-friendly labels available for different items.
  • Freezer-grade: Freezer-grade adhesive is the label that works on consumer goods placed in freezers or may get wet frequently. The paper used for such labels differs, and the color printing on these labels also requires various equipment. These labels’ cold weather resistance property makes them a good choice for cold regions and goods that are transported and kept in chillers. These polypropylene tape labels do not become brittle in the cold, so that they will remain on the surface.
  • Tight-radius: Tight-radius adhesive is a cap that will hold the container firmly and is used on items such as lip balms, lipsticks, mascara and ink markers.

Label Adhesive Performance Features

We use three kinds of labels at M&R Labels, and while we ensure that the premium quality is above the market, these labels are categorized in the same way as all other labels out there. Permanent adhesive is the choice when they must be on a pack for a long time.

For example, cereal boxes or ketchup bottles do not require the label to be removed. Removable adhesive is like the small label on the cap that tells you the expiration date. These labels can be removed and then put back in place if needed.

We also use aggressive adhesive, which requires a strong bond with the surface and will not come off in water or even when the packaging gets old. This kind of label is best for extreme temperatures. These adhesives have powerful bonding strength and adhere to any surface.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Adhesive

Consider a few things when looking for the correct label for your products. The factors to consider when looking for a suitable adhesive include the label material, the product, and the application method. The product type impacts the selection of labels in many ways.

For example, if the item is a consumer item like a face cream, the suitable label will be different from the label used for milk or cheese, which are perishable goods.

Label materials include vinyl, polypropylene, and paper. If you are looking for a label material to suit your product, keep in mind if it needs refrigeration or heat.

If the product requires a particular temperature, you can use polypropylene or vinyl labels to ensure they do not damage in heat or cold.

The application methods also change with the kind of surface that you have to attach them to. If you have glass bottles to sell, use a plastic seal label, which will work in the refrigerator or freezer and can also be placed in a hot environment.

The Right Label Adhesive: Verdict

The best label adhesive for your product will be the one that suits the nature, packaging material, and storage requirements of the item.

Now that you know the different kinds of label adhesives and understand their use, the selection can become more accessible by identifying the needs of the product you are selling. A permanent and aggressive adhesive will work if you sell drinks in glass bottles.

On the contrary, a tight radius adhesive will work well if you are looking for a label to go on a lip moisturizer.

Labels are a crucial part of the product and sometimes become the identity of that item. If you are looking for a seal or a label that goes on the cap and can be removed once the jar is open, go for a removable adhesive.

All these label types are designed to suit different kinds of products. All you have to do is connect the similarities and requirements to understand what will work for your product.

Our team is always there to help you see options, and we love it when our clients like to explore the various ways in which they can improvise their product line and add a unique feature.

Last Words

Every product category requires a particular type of label, and M&R Labels wants to educate clients rather than just giving them a few options to select. We have discussed the different types of labels, their utility, and the kind of surface and products they will suit.

When you design any product, the label is an integral part, and we want your final product to be better than what you perceived!

Find out all about the different kinds of labels and then decide the one that will suit your offerings the most.

You can request a free quote or contact us today for more details.

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