What information Does the Product Identifier Provide on a Label

What information Does the Product Identifier Provide on a Label?


Product labels are essential as they provide the user and consumers of the particular products with all the information about the ingredients or raw material used. The need for these labels is even more when talking about chemical-based products.

The product identifier is a specific term used for the labels in the chemicals niche. In this article, we’ll cover it in detail. Also, we’ll share the information that the product identifier can offer you.

What is a product identifier?

A product identifier is a specific name or number displayed on the chemicals to label a hazardous chemical. You can use this number to research further about the chemical and the impact it can create on the user.

How can you add a legally acceptable product identifier?

The purpose of the product identifier is to tell the users about the presence of a particular chemical so they can cross-reference and check the detrimental impact (if any) from any source available. There is a list of chemicals with specific product identifiers available to government departments.

As a product manufacturer, you have to mention the identifier on the label to ensure everyone’s safety and legal compliance.

Summing up:

Product identifiers are included in the labels for the ease of the consumers. They can reveal a ton of information about hazardous raw materials. So, they are essentially required on products with a chemical nature.

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