How to Label If a Single Pallet has Different Products?


In a situation where a pallet has multiple products, you have to label it differently as compared to the normal packing. Such a label design is known as the hybrid pallet label design. There are some particular rules involved in labeling the multiple products present in a single pallet; we’ll cover them in this article to help you out in such odd situations.

General Labeling:

UPC code is one of the essential elements when naming any product. However, this formula doesn’t apply to hybrid pallet.

Rules for labeling the hybrid pallet:

Below are the main rules that you must actively consider when labeling the hybrid pallet:

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for the product must be present underneath the main label. It must be placed horizontally.

Another essential thing to include here is the GS1-128 barcodes. These must be displayed horizontally. Each of these must have the following information:

  • The GTIN number of the case
  • Batch/Lot number
  • The number of cases with the same GTIN and Batch/Lot number

Summing up:

By following the mentioned rules, you can follow the international standards of labeling the hybrid panel and get the most out of them. To get labels for your products in Chicago, contact M&R Label.

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