How to Make Clean Product Label? (Complete Guide)


Clean label products are different from regular products. These products are healthy products that do not contain additives.

But you will not find a separate category in law for clean product labels as it is not obligatory for the companies; instead, it is considered essential in response to the rising consumer awareness and health concerns.

These products are covered under the following categories: food, beverage, cannabis, health, supplements, cleaning products etc.

What is a clean label product?

The product manages to establish trust with customers regarding the utilization of natural ingredients in the end product. The consumer-friendly label also helps create the desired brand image for the product.

A few words to help consumers understand your product is clean:

To establish your food product under the clean label, mention that your product is free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and additives. Most companies prefer the term “free-from”, as it guides consumers that such an ingredient should not be in your food.

Some of the other terms include “natural” and “healthy.”

Proposed changes to your current labeling:

Do you utilize consumer-friendly products but do not have a clean-label product reputation in the market? You might be using the wrong labels on your products.

If a product contains ascorbic acid and you mention it as it is, it will sound like an artificial ingredient to some users in the market. It is why people will look for other brands offering natural ingredients. So, what you can do in such a case is refer to ascorbic acid as Vitamin C. It will prove your product to be natural and the product label as consumer-friendly, thus satisfying the clean label product category.

Summing up:

There is no legal requirement to label a clean product, but you will want to cash on the benefit from the rising consumer awareness about healthy products, so mention words such as “free from preservatives, etc.” “Healthy” and “natural” on the product is the way you can achieve clean labeling standards.

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